Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in Hostel!

I am the sloth.

I have returned to the hostel to pack my stuff and basically just lie around in the hostel the whole day wherever wifi is accessible.

Oh, the little joys of life.

I don't actually have much stuff that I actually use in the hostel aside from that few same sets of clothes, my laptop, phone charger, hair dryer and my books. The remaining stuff have mostly stayed in a lonely spot in the cupboard or the table.

11 bags and counting!

Not sure if my hostel mates are back yet, but I have done what I needed to (the packing) and I shall henceforth enjoy the unhealthy sloth life till the 15th of November.

Tetris Battle, Blogger, drawing, reading, SLEEPING, TALKING. WHATEVER.

In fact I don't feel like doing anything right now not even this blog because I'm procrastinating that much.

So yeah.

See you. Umm. Sorry for this super short post.

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