Ah, Procrastination

So. I was supposed to have done two of my assignments - oh wait. I need to send a mail to my biology lecturer. Gimme a sec.

Ah, alright. Done. Just decided to base my biology multimedia report on production of insulin, you see. Anyway. Based on my schedule I'm supposed to have done my maths assignment and at least halfway through my moral assignment. However, It's only near the end of the report that I realized the data obtained are... not all that suitable for graph plotting. *sighs* I might have to redo the whole report now. 

As for my English literature presentation (I put the moral assignment aside until I finish this post. =P ), I can't really decide if I should draw the comic on computer or on paper. Done a bit on both, but decided that drawing on paper seems to be more appropriate and easy. I'll just have to scan it and place it into le powerpoint slides later on.

*crosses fingers and hope I won't procrastinate so much after this*

I spent my morning (late morning, to be precise) eating durians and watching Mirai Nikki. The plot twists are kind of unbearable, you know. I've watched till the part where Yukki (as the subtitles indicate his name) is plotting to kill 11th, and the other Mirai Nikki owners are with him to help. And I can't help wondering like, WHO THE HECK IS THE 3RD CORPSE IN YUNO'S HOUSE. I was thinking maybe her foster parents' real daughter? But the reports said they have no daughter, do they?

*sighs* suspense, suspense.

*gulps down water*

Y'know. I never liked the taste of durians. Never. The taste lingers in your mouth for several hours afterwards and oh the inevitable durian-odoured burps that follows. Ugh.

Random thoughts. I should really upload a picture or two so that this wall of text would not look that boring. The picture's going to be random. Imma just select a picture from my folders and see what I can write about it. Ah. Yes. I has a webcam. I has a webcammy webcam. Imma just take 2 minutes to see what pictures I can come up with in my current state.

 *fabulous hairflip* Oh. This can do. *uploads*

And this. Is how I behave at home. I call this the 'angler fish' hairstyle you see. Now If only I have a mini lightbulb to attach at the end of that hair. And if I have the big mouth with sharp teeth that angler fishes have. I'll transform and be one cool turtle angler fish.

Ah. I think I should go do my homework now really. Maybe from today onwards you'll see crazy pictures on this blog LOL.

See ya then.


Nicki Sim

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