Alter Egos

I've just decided to name my alter egos. I am not sure which one is the default me really, these personalities seem to switch every now and then, taking turns.

A coloured drawing I made 2 days ago 8)
Alter Ego 1: That quiet girl who appears moody and ignores her surroundings as she focuses on what she is doing. I present you, Yuki the Unapproachable

Alter Ego 2: That stalker girl who's smiling for no apparent reasons and seems to have that smile plastered on her face. I present you, Tatoru the Stalker

Alter Ego 3: That paranoid girl who believes that everyone hates her, and awkwardly talks to people about her problems. I present you, Turtle the Emo

Alter Ego 4: That girlish girl who's trying to look pretty or cute, tying her hair this way and that, secretly gushing over pretty clothes. I present you, Fionne the Hidden

Alter Ego 5: That sociable girl who's with people she's comfortable with and thus causing her to be very talkative, very unlike her. I present you, Nicki the Noisy

Alter Ego 6: That girl who's trying to behave and look like a guy, I present you, … No I haven't decide on the name for my male self yet. Imma have to google some handsome names that suit me. 8)

While I was writing all those above, I have successfully gotten to know more about myself and brought up all my nicknames which were used at different times with different people.

Some of my best friends call me Turtle, some Nicki, some Yuki. Fionne was the first nickname I obtained, given by my mother when I was jealous of how my classmates have Christian names but I have only this… Chinese name. Chinese names don't include those first names that most Christians have, you see. It was not used much though. I mean, I was only like 8 or 9 then, and when I got that nickname I was so excited I think the following scenario happened:

Friends: Wan Yong, you do your homework already a?
Me: Done. Oh. My mother gave me this name yesterday. Fionne. From today onwards you all call me Fionne la okay?
Friends: Can change name one a?
Me: Not change leii, this one is my mother gave me a nickname that's why I got Fionne!
Friends: Oh okayyy~
Then the nickname was quickly forgotten and I soon picked my own nickname: Nicki.

How did this Yuki name pop out suddenly though?

Eheh. I was and still am an otaku. That means, I like the Japanese animation series, or anime series, and fangirls over them.

My first virtual husband was Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Boy was I crazy about him as though he was a real human. I collected posters, saved pictures, printed one whole album of his snapshots, and have maybe one whole stickers album filled with him.

Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

I think the next one was Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knights. Yeah. And all of us who watched this series know that this lucky girl Yuuki got to go all lovey-dovey with that said vampire. Got a hint where that nickname of mine came from now?

Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knights

Ah. Among my friends (who worshipped other characters from Yu Yu Hakusho, Black Cat and Disgaia) I claimed Kuran Kaname as my next non-existent husband. I can't exactly remember how far had I gone for this fandom other than changing my nickname and collecting his pictures and all that.

There were a few short crushes after that though, and the most recent one would be Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no Basuke. This time round I was not so eager as to collect all his information – back then I would have searched online for his favourite food, birthday, favourite colour, height etc and memorize everything – but it's more to saving his pictures in my laptop and fangirl-screaming my supports at him when I see episodes where he basketball matches with the other members of Generation of Miracles.

Aomine Daiki, dat tanned dude who plays basketball and has an ore-sama attitude

Back to the main topic though.

Alter Ego? More like different personalities, I guess.

And most of this article was filled more about my anime husbands and other irrelevant stuff. I have strayed from the main topic.

Hopefully you had fun reading from this blog though.

Meow, paws up!

Nicki Sim

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