Annual Ball!!

So I just experimented around with a short-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved one.

The pictures below are the results.

Do I need any words for this? Basically this is my back-up plan for what to wear in case I cannot find any suitable clothes. 

I did not come up with these ideas by myself, mind you, but I saw them on 9gag and Facebook and decided to try it out myself.

It actually works 8DD

You can choose not to wear a blouse underneath, really. That would look better, actually. But I don't think I'm that bold. Also, I am paranoid that someone would pull that blouse downwards and see my undergarments.

That's not so nice in a public venue is it.

Well, this is a short post, completely unrelated to my earlier post today.

Girls (and guys, if you are interested) go try this and see how it fits on you! xD

Nicki Sim

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