Awesome Annual Ball is Awesome.

Espionage was the name of the ball.

I expected glamorous gowns and dresses, and I was not disappointed.
Costume Trial 1
Costume Trial 2

Costume Trial 3. settled with this.
Photo with some of my course mates.
The dress code was supposed to be whatever spy-ish clothes with a touch of red. The only almost-red thing I had was this book I borrowed from Taiga-san. So I brought it along with me.

I was seated somewhere maybe a little right from the stage, and couldn't really get a nice photo of other people. The fact that my seat allowed me to see what KT was doing was a bonus, however. He wore this black shirt with a red tie, and a vest over it. Many other dudes actually wore similar clothes.

There was this group of girls that danced and I would not be lying when I tell you, THOSE GIRLS ARE HAWT. Like seriously, makes me wonder why I don't have dancing skills or those awesome-pretty looks that the girls have. Not complaining though, I'm happy with what I have.

There was this story where initially two spies were umm... not sure what they were doing initially lol. But there was this girl spy who managed to steal a microchip containing le code to produce this uranium something. Then this same girl was later caught and interrogated, and she told the interrogator who it was that ordered her to do that. She told alright, but it was in codes. We got to solve a puzzle to guess who the traitor was among the spies. The code was actually coordinates of letters on a handout:

From le coordinates and hints given, the traitor's identity was found
So the traitor was actually one of the two spies from the beginning of the story. Sad thing that I did not fully comprehend the story really.

As for the lucky draw. We have about like the odds of one in every four to get a prize, and my luck was just that I did not get any. The prizes ranged from shopping coupons to cameras to loudspeakers to Sony Ericson phone with wifi and samsung tab and Samsung S4. The phones and electronic stuff are only limited to 8 prizes though. Still, it was good enough.

You see why I like that jacket-thing?? <3

Reading spells from a book? xD

The food was nice as well, that was a full 3-course dinner really. Fantastic food, fantastic people and fantastic costumes.

Thank you Student Ambassadors who made this event possible =D (Psst KT's in this photo)

See that gorgeous girl in full red? Well that was the female spy said earlier. Yes she's gorgeous and I don't even know her to start with.

By the end of the annual ball the students were all taking photos and having little chats before they head back home. I didn't get to stick around to take more photos or take pictures with KT though. I did not have the guts to ask him just look at this pathetic me. It was just a question. A simple question. (regrets) Oh I did get to see NW however. She was gorgeous as usual too <3 Guiltily admits here that my attention is still at KT though.

It's when I got home and tried to wash off the make up that I remember why I did not bother learning how to use make up. Some of that soap water can easily enter my eyes and now my eyes sting. Not pleasant. But well, this event is a special one, no harm using make up once in a long while.

I really enjoyed this annual ball although yes, my description here sounds pretty boring. Trust me though you have to be there to see all the performances and hear the commotion and feel the fun to actually know what I meant.

Sitting at a table full of strangers was actually better than I thought it would be. I expected awkward silences and all, but I made a friend who turns out to be an otaku and a fujoshi as well. 

That. was a part of my college life. College life is not as terrible as others might make it sound. It's actually awesome if you know how to juggle between fun and studies here. And to end this post today, I'll attach a poster of this event. This whole thing is totally cool. Thank you once again to everyone who made this event possible and fun.

Poster advertisement for this annual ball.

Nicki Sim

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