Back Home!

Finally back home after two weeks, and typing my daily rant here on Blogger, I can only say, "Home Internet IS STILL THE BEST." This internet speed, although I used to complain that it was slow, turns out to be at least 3 times faster than the wifi internet offered at campus and this makes me so very happy.

Being home also means FREE FOOD. Heck. Ask any other college students and you will know. You do not have to spend money for food when you're at home, and for my case, I still think that my mum's cooking is the best.

It makes me wonder if my future children, if any, would be able to say the same thing for my cooking because so far, I am not even allowed to cook on my own. My mum claimed that I might cause an explosion in the kitchen, and so far I have not found any proofs to show her that it would not happen.

I only go home for the weekends. Weekends. Need I say more about weekends? That's when I don't need to get up at 7am and I get to sleep in. Do you understand my happiness? Do you?

Being a couch potato on weekends.
Well I get to sing and dance freely at home, but not at hostel. I don't even speak to my room mates, much less try to suddenly burst into Whitney Houston's song "I'll always Love You". Yes I do that at home. I might also be singing japanese songs and scream that minion potato banana song.

What's kinda bugging me now is that my mum does not see this annual ball thing as importantly as I do. Tomorrow evening would be le ball and she has yet to show me the options of clothes I have.

What I do have now is just this gown my friend lent me but it's a bit too big for me.


This is kind of going to be one stressful weekend really. The one chance I get to play dress up and my mum is more interested in watching movies. *sobs*

I should choose my own clothes but then she would probably disapprove of my taste.

Cause I happen to like gothic stuff.

Nicki Sim

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