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I usually bring along with me at least two novels to college for weekly reading. Well, not necessarily in a week, but I would at least have some backup novels to read just in case I ran out of stuff to do while I'm bored.

I only brought a book with me since the last week as I did not get to go home last weekend due to a school trip. By yesterday morning, I finished reading the only novel I brought with me and 3 of the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series which I borrowed from my course mate.

Now, usually I would be reading while waiting for the lecturers to start teaching, or when I have about one hour of free time with no mood for homework completion. This is when I decide to whip out a novel and read it. So I then had nothing on my hands as reading materials. Well, none of which are fictions anyway.

Reading is awesome and FUN.
So guess what. KT lent me one of his novels that – I presume – he bought at the Big Bad Wolf sale. 'A Private Business' by Barbara Nadel. That's the novel I can add to my list of read books in maybe a week or so. When I told him that there was only 2 more days till I get to go home and bring in new novels, he said that it could at least make me last that two more days anyway and lent me this thick one that can probably last me a week with the pace I'm reading. It's just due to the assignment load that I can't read more than I am already doing, really.

Hardcover. 456 pages. Just holding this
book made me feel so happy.
I love reading. I must have repeated this a few times in this blog already.

One thing about borrowing this book though, is that I have no idea how I am going to return it to him or when. I kind of am afraid of him now for some unknown reasons 8'D Grateful anyway though, I thought that he would have unsubscribed from my Facebook posts by now. I was mentally fangirl-screaming when he actually called me to tell me he's going to be a little late (I didn't even note that he was 3 minutes late but he did or maybe my watch is just slow). I mean. Oh that voice damn it that voice I can listen to it forever. So it's a little disappointing when he did not say anything when he handed the book to me because I was secretly hoping that I could hear his voice again.

Greedy me.

But back to the main topic here.

So far I have read about 8 novels since my last book haul, and the joy of reading has yet to rub off on any of my course mates. I do wonder why. I mean, they all wonder why is it that I love reading that much and can still have time for homework and revision and even gaming. To be honest I have no answer to that either. I don't think that doing all these are gaining me extra marks needed for my exams and my record of straight A's or excellent results.

It's still alright now, however. I have somehow managed to maintain my examination results, and although I did slack a little in my studies, no obvious harms were noticed.

College life as I know it
Well, anyway. My lifestyle at college is basically like, biscuits for breakfast, random food from food centers for lunch and biscuits once more for dinner. (Oh crap period cramp is killing me as I type this) Then after the studying session is done, I get my laptop along with my fat ass down to the studying room where I play some Facebook games and do some blogging.

If I'm feeling hardworking enough, then I would draw or read or do more revisions for my studies.
That would last till about 10pm when I go back to my room and read for about 10 more minutes before I go to sleep.

Simple schedule really, but it's pleasant.

I'd always recommend my friends to try stay in the hostel. You can actually learn to discipline yourself when it comes to your studies, taking care of yourself and stuff like that. Plus you get to know some of those humans who are not in the same course or intake. Not that I try to socialize with them but some people out there might be interested you see.

The studying environment is pretty inductive as well, but this would probably have to depend on your luck, as in how the hostel people are like. You might be lucky enough to get those hardworking ones, or you just may have roomies that stay out till midnight and come back to your room smelling of perfume and sweat.

College life has been good to me so far though, and I certainly do wish my juniors the best should they be entering their college years as well.

On a side note, I hope KT does not read my blog. The chance that he knows of this blog is very very small, but I really don't want to take the chance. He'd think that I'm creepy or something. Which I probably am because his voice is delicious. But that can be blamed on him.

o3o <3 Meow, paws up!

Nicki Sim

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