Newspaper clipping from 22rd March 2013
See that newspaper clipping up there? That was the proof of my 'success' in my studies, after 2 years of hard work (sort of) and perseverance. I was only allowed to use the computer and play games every Saturday and Sundays (on rare occasions for Sundays and Friday nights) so I used the rest of my time for studying, revisions and when I am not doing those activities, I would be reading novels or drawing.

I didn't really like the TV then, not even now. I have no interest in just sitting in front of a screen immobile for one hour and a half or more for a movie. Neither do I like series, because I would have to routinely watch it everyday until the whole series end. I got to say, that might be one difference between my friends and I that contributes to that success I had.

However, contrary to my parents' and friends' beliefs, I am not that smart. Although I had 8A+ and 1A for my finals in Form 5 (SPM), I still had A-, B+, B and C+ in my trials. It's the trials that really shows our potentials in studies, because in the finals, the marks are adjusted according to the ogive graph for all the Malaysians and their marks in each subject. For all I know, my A+ in Biology could have been only 73 marks.

My friends had insisted that I was smart however, and whenever I argue back using this point they just rejected my reasons. I have long since stopped arguing with them about this topic though. The really smart ones are those who manages to keep up their studies, co-curricular activities and social lives all at the same time. And trust me, I happen to know a few people who did just that. They ace in friggin everything.

One thing I am proud of though, was that I had the chance to be a teenage journalist. Or, teen writer, to be more exact.
Not so clear either, but if this can help... here.

clearer image here
I was shortlisted after sending in an application essay and getting 30 newspaper subscribers from my school. With that number of subscribers I was able to share the articles by students for students. Not to mention that I gained some experience trying to ask for sponsors while doing this one assignment as well. It was a fun experience being able to write articles based on a certain scope or topic and then actually gain pocket money from it as well, if the article was published.

Either way, I managed to write articles and got about 3 or 4 of them published in that whole year. You see, we were divided into maybe about 6 groups, and each group takes turn to write articles every week. If it was not for that I might have been able to write more and got published more, but it's hard to say when there's so many other awesome writers in the team.

By the way, this pullout my team and I were working on is Stuff@school from The Star.

Back to the main topic though, I have been lacking self-discipline and determination in my studies recently. Although I may vow to do my revision as soon as I got back to the hostel, I might be pulled back when I switch on my laptop downstairs, claiming that I was going to finish doing my presentations and reports when in the end, I do blogging and Facebook-gaming.

Not like blogging takes up much of my time though.

I have been slacking in my studies and I know it, and I sure do hope that I will gain enough determination and concentration on my studies for me to improve myself wherever I go in the future. Hopefully I would not disappoint my parents when it comes to my studies, it's the least that I can do for them. I have maintained a Straight A record for all my major exams so far, and I sincerely wish and hope for the best that I may get to keep this record as long as I study.

To every students studying hard out there, keep up with the good work and remember that you reap what you sow, so put in all the efforts you have and you would certainly be awarded with what you want. 

Good luck to all of us.

Nicki Sim

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