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Woah, so here I am again after ... *checks* 5 years of not touching my blogger account at all. I wonder how long will the interest in blogging last this time?

At least I'll still have something to write/ type when I feel like procrastinating anyway. At time of writing, I have my Maths assignment - graphic calculator, graph papers and all - spread in front of me, but my focus is actually on this tiny netbook of mine.

Ah anyway, look here. yes, here. If you are looking for interesting blogs that talks of current issues, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. This blog here is for me to rant on, you see.

So. The college I'm studying in now, SYCJB, is holding an annual ball on the 24th of August. It seems that the majority are bringing their dates along, and me, having my best friend here shifted to another college, have no one to go out with. I'm not all that sure if I mind or not. You see, I'm sort of an introvert. But events like this one is when I get to show my extrovert self to the others, coated in make-up and weird clothes that I don't usually wear. The one that I hope to go with would surely not agree, he's a busy one after all and due to some... misunderstandings arguments and conflicts urm, I ain't sure which one it is so let's just say things are probably awkward for him and I or something. Even if I want to talk to him it's sorta stressful I guess. In this blog, I'll just refer to people by their initials, and for this dude, we'll call him KT.

Forget him for now, shall we.

Hmm. It's already the 3rd day into my one-week holiday. Homework load is slowly but surely decreasing even as I type this blog entry.

Y'know, I've always wanted to write a story where it's made up of lots of diary entries and upon combination, it's one whole complete story that I can post on Wattpad. I think my ID on Wattpad is TurtleYuki-san. Go see it if you're interested, ufufu. Here's the link to my profile on Wattpad =D Is there any chance this one would be the very beginning of the story mentioned previously?

*dramatic gasp* If so, I'll be writing a story about myself!

Sounds pretty exciting. <3 It's been something I wanted to do but had no idea where or when to start, you see.

For one thing, I'm afraid I'd annoy my friends if I update my Facebook status too frequently. Yes, I'm an avid Facebook user, updating at least three times a day... I think. But then Facebook has been a part of my life since 5 years ago too, and I haven't seen any reasons to stop Facebook-ing. yet.

Maybe I should introduce myself a little? Should I? If you are interested, read on and if not, it's time to go to some other sites.

Well, I'm a November baby. 3rd November, in fact, and I have fun reading horoscope stuff. I like drawing, lots, and although they may not be all that good yet, I see space for improvement and I still am moving towards the said improvement. Ever heard of Psykopaint? I have recently tried drawing on computer softwares like this one, and it's pretty epic once you know how to adjust the brush settings and so on. Ah, speaking of which, here's my psykopaint gallery. At time of writing, I have 15 followers on this site, not all that bad for someone who started only 9 days ago, aye?

Might as well add in a drawing I did on the 7th of August. Yes, I edited this post just to put this picture in.
This is supposed to be a fan art of the Saw series =P

Currently waiting to get a stylus with which I can draw with when involved with computers. Although a mouse is quite easy to use when it comes to drawings, you got to admit that there are times when the lines are not as curvy as you want them to be - same goes for straight lines and any other lines, in fact.

I'm left-handed. My parents, when teaching me to use the computer, had the mouse set to be used by right-handed people, however. And the result of this whole thing is that I can now draw with a mouse on my right hand, draw quite badly using a pencil with the same hand, and just average with my left. *shrugs* I hope I can write and/or draw with both hands one day.

My last book haul was... I think it was on the 5th of July? I can't quite remember the date. But then, KT brought me there, to the Big Bad Wolf sale. I bought 17 books at a total of RM130++, and even now I haven't finish reading all the books from the previous book haul (which consisted of 11 books). Pretty close now, though. These books should last me maybe till late next year, what with all the assignments and procrastination college has to offer.

IDK what others are complaining about college though, I really like it here; the surroundings, the studying, the friends who are there if I need them and stuff like that. Maybe it's because I'm somewhat a nerd, but I can assure you that I'm a happy one that doesn't get bullied in school. I get my fair share of socializing too, you see.

I'll probably just leave the other details for some other days.
Pen off here for now then.

Nicki Sim

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