Delayed Post

I was preparing for my maths test aside from playing games and chatting with my Singaporean hostel friends last night from about 6pm to 2 freaking am in the morning. 

Not like I had a topic to rant on yesterday though, so it was fine for me. Recently I couldn't really think of stuff to rant on, you see.

For your Entertainment.
The good part about not blogging yesterday though, is that I actually managed to get some work done as I did not even touch the laptop. much.

Sleeping at 2am has its effects on me though.
How the exam turned out though, was that I expected quite little from it as the topic seemed easy, only arithmetic and geometric sequence. I mean, how hard can this topic get? It was all like, find this term, find this sum, find this sum of infinity, find whatever terms and sums and more than or less than a certain number... That's it.

But then there was this question:
Girl A jogs 5km on the first day, 7km on the second day, 9km on the third day, etc etc.
Girl B jogs 5km on the first day, 15% more distance on each consecutive days.
Find the day when the total distance jogged by Girl B is more than the total distance jogged by Girl A.

Now. If anyone can provide me the answer to this question and its working steps before the teacher gives the solution to me, I will be really grateful because within that one hour I was able to solve all other questions except for this one last question at the last page.

It sorts of irked me, and not being able to solve a question during exams sucks real bad.

I have no idea what I was doing during le exam
It's done with now, however, and I am only happy to move on with the next few assignments and MAI NOVELS. MAI DARLIN BABY NOVELS. 

I'll go nao then. Not much to rant about these days when my mind is filled with lots of mathematical problems and such really. I apologize in advance, however.

Nicki Sim

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