Elegance in Goth

Hear the word 'Gothic' or 'Goth' and the first thing that would probably pop out in your mind is the word 'black' and 'darkness'.

True, for most parts in Gothic fashion, you would see lots of black, some white and red, and for some cases, even purple and blue. Most of the colours are dark when associated with the Goth culture.

I myself am not sure what the Goth culture actually is, but one thing I know, I love Gothic stuff. Being someone who loves the colour black and fancy clothes (secretly so), Gothic fashion seems to be my calling.

I love those little hats with checker box design and maybe lace and ribbons. I love layered clothes with long sleeves and black leather corsets. I love high platform boots with buckles and chains. And oh, those beautiful chokers that I dream of having one day. But perhaps most of all I simply love the dark colour and its unique way for us 'dark and deep' people to express ourselves in.

Whenever I Google Gothic fashion or 'Elegant Gothic', I'd find myself wishing that I know how to sew or create clothes out of nothing.

*sits at a table with scissors, markers, pins and needles and thread*
*thinks of a specific style of clothes that I want*
Yes my dream dress is done, and I shall wear this to my wedding fifteen years later.

If only it's that easy, because I do have lots of ideas for clothes that I would like to create and wear on the most normal days. Mind you, if people do not judge that much I would have worn the weirdest clothes combination to college daily without a single care.

But then again, I don't like being the center of attention. Wearing something Gothic to classes would most probably earn me questions like, "Wow, Turtle. Why are you wearing this? Any special occasions?" "Oh mi Gosh Turtle you're wearing a DRESS! FIRST TIME EVER!" "Turtle. That dress." "LOL Turtle that doesn't suit you not at all take it off and wear a plain white T-shirt, black jeans and black jacket like how you do on other days yo."

Maybe I'm thinking too much.

But I definitely would wear these Gothic stuff if there's an annual ball in the university or college I'm going to next. If I have these clothes in the first place, of course. I am currently saving some money to get my hands on a full Gothic attire that I can wear on special days.

I wonder if my future husband (if he exists) will let us hold a Gothic wedding. I wonder if our parents would allow that.

Maybe I should really take a sewing class or something when I have my holidays next. Perhaps after the course I would be able to at least make myself a Gothic choker or put fancy lace on my black and white clothes. Ribbons too. Black or red ones, in fact.

Now, about the gorgeous boots that the Gothics wear.

Boots. I have always been interested in them. But I have never owned one much less wore one. These shoes don't come cheap, you know. I saw the price of a pair of boots once and I quickly put the shoes back onto its rack, careful not to leave any scratches nor marks on it should I need to purchase it if I do leave marks on it. It's scary, really.

Most people might claim that Gothic culture is just something those emo kids like, because of how dark and sad and deep it is, or some other crap like that. However, I would say that with the right type of Goth, anyone can end up looking very elegant and gorgeous, mysterious even. I look forward to my Gothic wedding.

Yes, yes, I'm dreaming. But a girl can always dream.

Nicki Sim

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