I've always been easily hooked to Facebook and its components.

Be it status-posting, commenting or liking and sharing posts or Facebook-stalking, I do it all daily, and probably at a massive amount too. Ah yes, I'm addicted to Facebook-ing.

Previously, I've been playing games like Barn Buddy, The Sims Social, Happy Aquarium, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Sorority Life, Pet Society, and, two years ago, yes, Farmville. The list goes on and on really, I played lots of them.

Now when I'm feeling bored or tired of the assignments sitting in front of me just waiting to be completed, I browse around the apps page, and find some weird game I take a liking to, and that's the end of my homework mood.

Just yesterday I have started on this Marketland and Cafeland game, and within one day I have levelled up to level 10 and 16 respectively. Then when things started to require waiting, I started on Shining Star and Dragon Up, not to forget the games that I already was playing before this, Social Life and Happy Aquarium.

Social life game snapshot
Consists of missions and jobs to be done,
virtually, of course.

Cafeland, your normal game where you have to
wait for le food to be cooked, served and complete
missions along the way

Any other Facebook-gamers would know that these games require pure dedication, noting the time and number of times we have to open the app so that the stocks we ordered will not be spoiled, the vegetables in good shape, and the damned double experience points and coins we can get if we get back on time.

Then there's the daily visit rewards. Visit 5 days consecutively and you receive the game's version of cash, which you would have to buy otherwise via credit payment.

Not to forget the dedication you will also need to send gifts or reply to requests from your friends, just so that your friend would return le favor later. I sometimes do wonder the about the point of playing these games when I already know what the game would be like, how it would be constant and boring after the first few levels.

The thing about these games is, they are addicting. For someone that likes games, it's easy to be hooked up to these games and you just continue playing them daily or whenever you can.

I, meanwhile, that's the first thing I do once I switch on my laptop. I load those games and meanwhile get my homework ready on the desk. Then by chance, I might be distracted just long enough to complete at least 20% of my assignments and homework. Such is the dedication I have towards my games so far.

I even resorted to adding random strangers who play the same game in order to achieve some progress in the missions or tasks, adding more neighbours and similar crap. You think that'd stop me from playing these games, but so far, I'm sorry to say that there's no signs of that anytime soon.

Oh. I think it's about time my Social life energy bar is refilled.

Have fun gaming!

P/S: It's not bad, getting to listen to KT's voice while doing mai assignment (and gaming). Voices are awesome. I'll rant about that tomorrow.

Nicki Sim

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