Group Projects and Presentations

"Get into groups of three and do this assignment... ..."

Familiar line? Okay, then you would look around, and at this point there's two conditions upcoming:

1. You high-five your two friends sitting at either sides of you.
2. You look around, hoping that someone would take you in your group.

I used to belong in the first condition. Now I'm the one from the latter.

So. usually I'd be the leader in group projects. Even if I'm not, I usually end up managing all the other people's works, monitoring their progress and so on and so forth, telling them what they should do before I finalize the project.

That, or I end up doing all the work on my own, so that the others are mostly just free-riders in the project.

*inserts irrelevant picture to break the wall-o-text*

A pwetty doll from this movie called "Psycho Gothic Lolita" or something. Can't quite remember the title.
But it's from Japan so you can expect some weird stuff.

But then maybe I'm just too stubborn to lower my expectations of the outcome. I sorta don't quite trust the others when it comes to quality work. Not that I am doing the best either, but ... let's just say they do half-ass work most of the time, sadly. I apologize if I sound too full of myself.

Well anyway. I am not made fro group projects really. I prefer solo-work. I can do that one better. Managing my own time and project and how to do it, and no worrying about how the others might fare.

Better still if the assignment does not include presentation. I kind of have stage frights and have problem pronouncing 's', 'z', 'j' and 'x' related words. some problem with my tongue, but not quite sure what. too late for operation though, I might be mute after the operation, so I've heard.

I speak fast too, and when that is combined with my pronunciation problem, there you have it, it's quite hard for others to understand what I was saying. 

This, is where my group mates come in. They would have to do the presenting work since it's unfair for me as I've prepared the information and project slides.

Call it advantage-taking, but I would say that it's more of a win-win situation.

They are fine with it anyway, so it's alright, is it not?

Alright. What other group projects are not done yet?

Time to move on.

Ah, and here's pics of me with different hairdos xD
Twin pigtails tied low. This is very easy to tie and I wish I can go to college with my hair like this but oh. 
I would probably looks like a small kid or something.

Just le twin-pigtails done halfway, made into small buns instead. forgive moi facial expressions, aye?

Nicki Sim

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