Harajuku Babies

Muz. Have. Diz.

As I am typing this at 0820a.m., waiting for 9a.m. to arrive so I can finally walk to campus without being too early, I am wearing a fluffy white blouse with a panda design on it, a skeleton-hand hairclip clipped to the panda's ear. I've also lent a skirt from one of my friends who too stay in the college hostel. Then there's the pair of rainbow-coloured socks I'm wearing as well as a spikey bracelet and a (in my opinion) very cute hairband.

If I can get a picture of myself at this moment, I would post it here.
(Which, by 6.26pm, shows that I did not actually take a photo)

Spiked mask because eff you.
It was after I searched for 'Harajuku Style' in Google Image that I fell for the weird style they have and on an impulse, decided to wear this not-so-normal outfit to college. Well yeah, this outfit ain't Harajuku anything. At the very least I get to try wearing a skirt once more and stay warm throughout the day though, no? It's not like I'll be walking around the campus much to show my outfit off – one of the reasons why I chose to wear this outfit today. There's only one hour of break from the classes which commences from 0930 to 1730. So you see, I won't be flaunting these clothes. Cause I'll be sitting quietly in my class waiting for knowledge to seep into me.

Would be good to own one outfit like this, no?
This one's just cool OwOb

I was just attracted by le hair colour really
Kawaii desu ne?  <3 like le hairband tho.

The hoody. Dat hoodie. Lookit dat baby parka-ish hoodie.

Alright. So what is it about Harajuku Style that attracted me?

The colours and accessories and the type of clothes they wear itself.

On some days I'd wear full black-and-white, and on some, I'd wear a neon green blouse with brown shorts or whatever other colours I can get my hands on.

My fashion sense ranges between gothic to gothic-lolita to fabulously gay coloured outfits.

Sadly though, I have not been allowed near make-up or facepaints or I would go to college daily with black eyeliners and eyeshadows. But then again, never mind. Not many people uses make-up in college anyway. I'll still count on my mum to do my make-up for me when it's absolutely necessary.

… Where did my hatred for make-up products go? Oh god. I might as well just decide to be a totally girlish girl now. I have lost most of my tomboy-ish characteristics anyway. Short hair replaced now with a little-over-the-shoulder hair length, caps replaced with braids and side-ponytails, what's next? I cannot fathom.

Then there's the point that I've always loved Japan and its awesome culture. I have always wished that I can one day do a cosplay, that is, dressing up as your favourite non-existent character. It's very costly though, considering you buy the complete outfit from wigs to shoes. So… maybe some other day.

Harajuku fashion would seem like you're compiling all the cool or cute stuff you own and wearing them all at once. It won't be surprising to see a girl with a headful of hair clips and ribbons, nor a guy with silvery-blue lipstick with spiky blue hair. Or. Anyone with weird drawings on their faces, necks and hands. The list goes on.

Putting Harajuku style aside, try Googling for 'Miho Matsuda'. The clothes sold at this outlet is also very very attractive. And it's very different from Harajuku style really. There you have it anyway, two of my favourite fashion styles.

Now, I'm still looking for appropriate clothes to wear to my college's annual ball, and KA would be sending me one of her gowns, as a backup plan if I fail to find anything else. Might as well I take this opportunity to buy a Miho Matsuda outfit to wear at the event aye?

The dressing code is formal, black with a splash of red. The event itself is named 'Espionage'. Such is the annual ball of my college in 2013. One of those rare times when I join a social event as well. If this wasn't formal, I'd probably look around for clothes that would make up a minor Harajuku style. … Not that I have fancy clothes for that though.

Ah well. I shall dream on for now. And… it's finally 0843. I can get prepared to go campus now. Hopefully I won't regret this self-dare!

*crosses fingers*

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