Hardcover novels or e-Books?

You venture into a bookstore, and see this horrifying price for a book that you really want to own or read.

You look it up on Google: "*Title of Book* pdf/ pub. free download". The search showed about 6 results that you can really get the e-book from.

Then you go to a shopping center and see a mini book-fair that sells a second hand copy of the very same book.

Where would you choose to get the book from?

For me, I'd take the second hand book. I only resort to download e-books when it's a long series and I know I would not be having that collection for a long, long time.

Then again, I once bought this Shivers Trilogy for RM 72 for a bookstore, and later on a few months later, the Scholastics company offered the trilogy for RM35, less than half of what I bought it for. Oh, the regret that lived in my heart ever since. 

The Shivers Trilogy, suited my taste

For book lovers like me, the books simply cost too much for my pocket money. All I do now is to wait for a book fair and spend maybe about RM200 max on those discounted books. 

It's like that Big Bad Wolf sale held in Malaysia, most novels were sold for RM8, and some RM10. Depending on which book you re buying, you can get it between RM3 to RM... maybe 25? I am not that sure about the price range, but I bought 17 books from that fair for only RM140.

The said Big Bad Wolf sale
The sale was very huge, I'd say. For a low price you obtain a BRAND NEW book. Although you do have to look around for the title that you want, the books are categorized according to their genre (Fiction, non-fiction, educational etc) thus making it easier for you to browse through the place.

A snapshot of the Big Bad Wolf sale held in Johor. Pretty much had me drooling once I step into this place.
For a bookworm like me, I'd opt for these books any time. Not only they are affordable and brand new, there's more pleasure in reading from a printed book rather than reading from an electronic device, although that may be cheaper. We would also have to account for the amount of work the authors put into their works to produce that printed book.

Not to forget the fact that books have a nice scent to it.

I'd say, only buy those expensive books if you can afford it. I do wonder about the original price of the book before its price is raised to be sold in a bookstore. I mean, if a new book can be sold for just RM8 instead of the RM35++ we buy it for at the bookstores, how cheap is it really?

I'd spent all my savings on books though, that's the love I have for books, you see.

Umm, now I got this yearning to read my novel. I'll see you guys tomorrow, I promise. 

Nicki Sim

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