Internet Hours Restrictions


So. My sister was playing an online game, DDTank. My younger brother was watching Doraemon online. Me, doing some Maths assignment research.
*inserts last table into Microsoft Words*
Alright, I've done enough of my assignments for today. 
*looks at clock* hmmm. 1 a.m. 
*Looks at Psykopaint*  hmmm. One drawing won't take up much time. Then I'll retire to my bed and read a few pages of 'Claudia: Daughter of Rome'. *starts drawing*
*Dad wakes up and goes to the bathroom, telling us to switch off le computer because it's 2 mothafahking a.m. and why aren't we asleep yet we are too addicted to the internet and that's it holidays do not mean you can stay up so late playing games that's it that's it that's it only two hours of internet from today onwards and young sis right there you are not to use my laptop anymore NOW SWITCH OFF THE GODDAMN LAPTOP AND GO TO SLEEP*

Ah well. Something like that.

So that's how I just ended up with two hours internet restriction daily... But blogging probably doesn't count in as gaming does it?

Eitherway, this was my expression upon getting that internet  hours restriction thing:

I mean, this is ridiculous. I take breaks when using the laptop, okay. Like, maybe not very often, once every 40 minutes or so, for toilet breaks and just walking around the house looking at what the others are dong, retying my hair, so on and so forth. I did tell my brother to go sleep, I mean, he's only 7 and it ain't all that healthy for him to sleep so late.

As for my sister, hurm. She has always been scolded because this event down there happens waaayyyy too often:

Mum: Shut down the laptop at 2230 okay?
Sis: *grunts*
2250 appraoches
Sis: *still gaming, doesn't look like she's shutting down anytime soon*
Mum: Didn't I ask you to shut down the laptop at 2230? Why are you still gaming? Do you even hear me??
Sis: *grunts* Later lar, later. Just a moment.
*Event continues until either mum keep scolding and sister emerges out of her room with a sulky expression to prepare to sleep, or having mum's scoldings wake dad up and he just switches off the internet and give her a short lecture about time managing and banning her from using his laptop for the rest of the week*

As the eldest, I was supposed to monitor my siblings and make sure they get off internet or whatever else they are doing when the time comes and my parents are asleep. The eldest in the family out there might agree with me on this one.

It's not as easy as you think to make your siblings follow your instructions, especially when they are on the net, just hooked on what they are doing.

Not that I ain't addicted to the internet. I use my free time either to draw, read novels or e-books (that's when I have to use the laptop to read, my phone is not fancy enough for such functions), or maybe I just play some FB games. Not Sugar Crush, mind you. I never liked that game. Not Farmville either though. Ah, okay. I go 9gagging, blogging, or just stick around on Facebook scrolling down my newsfeed and stuff like that.

But I can stop when the time comes. Like, well, I can always check back anytime later on, I don't mind.

As for my sister who plays online games and my brother who goes "Let me finish this episode!" though...

Let's just say they are not always on time.

Thus the punishment.

Too late to change anything though. *heavy sigh*

... On the bright side this probably is going to help me fight this procrastination syndrome. With gaming restriction hours, I actually get to have some work done within the time given. It's all part of disciplining I guess?

So meanwhile, Imma just go listen to some songs while I finish the rest of my homework.

Ah. The shadow at the right side of the picture is le shadow of moi sister's hands hoping to get into the picture I'm taking on le webcam.


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