It's a SIGN!!

a sign. A SIGN.
I'm thinking that maybe this is finally a sign asking me to just stop gaming really. Suddenly I received this... this note attached above saying that I was banned from this Cafeland game because I apparently hacked this game, which I did not. However, I DID attempt to find the hacking program for Marketland, which I was not banned from.

I was thinking that maybe the developers made a mistake. Maybe they thought I hacked Cafeland although I did not hack any games this whole year. Not like I hack things often though. And it isn't even hacking to start with when you only search and download the keygen to use in order to get more coins or diamonds or whatever other cash-acquired materials.

So, I ended up not playing Cafeland anymore and going back to Marketland after not playing for maybe like 5 days. That's already quite an achievement for me, mind you. However I did get some work done last night, thankfully. I finished preparing my presentation slides on gay marriage. The time restraint given for us students to present is between 7 to 8 minutes. If we truly run out of time, we have another 30 seconds but that's it.

I've tried practicing the presentation itself maybe 4 or 5 times, and so far the time I used is between 7.41 minutes to 8 minutes. It's kind of risky, considering the fact that I have to browse through quite an amount of information quickly. 

Now I'm rushing for the other presentation, and this one is for biology.

And the good thing that happened recently is that I have some friends who I get to study with, so I am actually motivated to do some studying - which I haven't done for some time now.

To top it off, I actually have FRIENDS. *cheers a little*

Ah I fear that I might not be able to finish the novel KT lent me last week, I hope I would finish it soon. Well, I can always read more after I'm done with my report however. *looks forward to fun reading*

No suitable pictures I can insert here, so I'll pen off for now!

Nicki Sim

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