Listening to his Voice

I'm a very vocal type of person, and this means one thing:

I respond to voices. Well, I mean, we all do, but my point is that I love voices. But only certain voices. Too much of it may irritate or anger me. For some types of voices, no matter how loud or soft, they soothe me and calm me. I'd be happy as if I'm listening to the voice of someone very dear, or a music track that I love very much. This happiness is kind of hard to describe.

But let's put it this way. Some of you may be attracted to others by their eyes, some their smiles, while some to their attitude. I'm the type of person that falls for someone by their voices. It would be even better if their laughs are pleasant, instead of weird barks. I would simply fall for a voice like that. Or sometimes, the person carrying that voice as well. But usually it's just the voice really.

Yeah, it's about this happy. Or at least, the happiness shown.

The interest in that voice would sometimes be so immense that I would want to record something he or she says and replay it over and over again, just so I can listen and remember. If you have read my previous post, you would see that I was listening to KT's voice. Well, that was something I fell for. I strive to listen whenever I can, and it's getting tough as we do not meet often nor speak when we actually do.

I just wish he would talk more. His voice is lovely.

Uh, no. No no no no, I do not like him that way. It's just the interest in his voice. 

Why would I be interested in voices? If any other girls are asked about the criteria of a guy to make them fall for him, it would probably be the height, his basketball skills, his wallet, his cool car.

Maybe it's because I don't have a perfect voice like anyone else. Have I ever told you that I have problems pronouncing words with letter 'j', 'z', 's', 'x' and 'f''? I don't know what's wrong but the way I pronounce those letters would be like how someone with braces on would. That would have been fine, if I do wear braces. The thing is, I am NOT.

So perhaps it's some suppressed jealousy that I have for the people who has no confidence issue when it comes to talking with others. For me, most people would not understand what I was saying, although some of them do eventually have no problem talking to me once they get used to it. It's kind of... disappointing for me. I admit that this is one of the major factors why I do not socialize much. I have no confidence when it comes to talking to others.

Ah, KT left. Hopefully I'll get to hear his voice tomorrow if I run into him or something. I kind of recognize his voice before I recognize his person. =P It'd be easier if I fall for someone else's voice though, but there's no other voice that I like so far. 

To be honest I feel like a happy stalker whenever I hear him talking =//w//= <3

With this 'shiawase' (happy) expression,
see you!

Nicki Sim

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