Music Box Melodies

Approximately one day after I watched The Conjuring, the music box melody in the movie has replaced my previous ringtone, message tone, alarm tone and any other tones there are to personalize.

A scene from The Conjuring showing the music box
Before this, it was the theme music from 'Dead Silence', which was pretty awesome too. Well I'd say that the Dead Silence music box had a better melody and shows more creepiness. But then again The Conjuring can't really have that scary melody for its music box, can it? I mean, that music box was for this Rory kid, and normal kids do not listen to scary music box melodies.

The puppet is just plain cool isn't it 8D
I have always been quite a fans of music boxes and their melodies. There's this sound they produce that's very unlike that of a piano - which too produces beautiful sounds - and any other instruments. If you like a song, try search for the music box version of it, and you might find the music to be really beautiful, or really scary and haunting, depending on the mentality that you own.

Take any classic music really, even Richard Clayderman's pieces, and when you play the music box, oh, the pretty sounds it make.

When listening to them playing, I'd imagine this broken ballerina dancing. Somehow. Like maybe her limbs twisted, her facial featured forlorn yet pretty, and she's dancing, turning and skipping to the melody. 

It's beautiful, what I imagined. If I am able to draw it on paper I would, but so far I think I may have failed. Quite obviously. I can't capture its prettiness on that paper you see.

But the point of this short post is...

I am currently rushing to finish my biology project, which is due tomorrow, and I am hoping that maybe at least someone would know one or two nice music box melodies and link them to me in the comment section. =P

I'll see you tomorrow, readers.

Nicki Sim

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