Of Multimedia Reports and Forgotten Topic Tests

It dawned upon me that I have completely forgotten about the maths topic test which is to be held tomorrow (16th August 2013) while I was busy preparing for my English Literature presentation and Biology lab report today.

And I thank God, whoever he or she is, for I have pretty much understood the first chapter of Maths Semester 2 which is to be tested tomorrow, although I would still need to prepare for the biology topic test next Thursday (22nd August) and before that, the biology multimedia report draft which is to be handed in on the 20th of August, Tuesday next week.
One does not simply forget an upcoming topic test ==

I have not even started typing the obtained information into the powerpoint slides.

The only obtained info said earlier was for the introduction part which includes, of course, the simple introduction and history.

There's the social issues, techniques and the main points to cover.  Well sure, if I put my mind into it I could probably finish the slides in ... say, 3 days max. This one carries about 20% of my total biology score.

The topic test tomorrow carries only 10%, but this sum is not a negligible one either, mind you.

Nah, I'm not bothered by the assignment load. The university life would be much tougher than what I am facing now, so much that I probably would not have time to blog at all LOL so for now, I enjoy my carefree life.

*coughs* afterallI'vebeenknownasaworkaholic *cough*

Yep, this is for me.
I am actually more stressed if I have nothing to do, because my mind would wander to all the sad memories that upsets me very much, and I would then turn into a curled ball of melted being at the corner of the room. I don't think anyone enjoys the sight of this... unsightly thing.

Maybe I'll spend like two hours or so later on to revise for the test tomorrow (the topic is actually easy if compared to the topic we are currently studying, but I cross my fingers anyway) before progressing to do more for my biology multimedia report.

Oh, and one thing I noticed when I was doing the presentation for my English Literature - The Kite Runner powerpoint, I actually was not nervous anymore when facing my course mates.

Could this be due to the two months I spent teaching younger students in a tuition center? That sure did trained my guts to face a group of humans and learn to talk to them until they understand something I was teaching. 

And that very salary I obtained from that job, I'm going to use it to buy this Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Tough CTH-670 this Friday. I can't wait~!

this baby tablet I can't wait to own~! <3


Well, the campus library is closing, I should get back to hostel to start on my studies.

Have a good day, my dear humans!

Nicki Sim

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