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Have I ever told you that I'm not a girly girl? To those who bothered to listen, I'd always tell them, "Yes, I am a girl. But at heart I'm more of a guy. I'd look at guys having a good time together, just hanging out and being in each other's company, and I'd get jealous. I like wearing boyish clothes, simply because I prefer them over girlish blouses and skirts. Not that my mother approves of that though, she's worried that I might turn out to be a lesbian.

Which I am not. I'm totally straight and drools over smart guys. Don't question my interests. Maybe this is one of those Asian traits as well? Who knows? *laughs* 

You don't see the kind of friendship guys have between girls, you know. Not much. It's kind of rare. More so when one of the girls is like me, an introvert who finds it hard to trust people in general. Takes me about two months or so to accept someone as a friend. Otherwise I'd just distance myself from the group  after finding out I don't quite fit in. Thus the turtle name. Well, one of the reasons I have the name. I behave like a turtle or a tortoise - I hide in my shell and rarely get out.

But let's leave the story for another day, aye?

So, when my sister suggested I change my timeline cover with a new picture of myself and tied my hair into braids, I started to struggle with the webcam to get a decent photo of myself. I stopped taking selfies when I was about 15. There was a year when I was crazy with my phone, all the selfies I took. Oh God. But then, I stopped completely afterwards you see. Unless it was necessary, like when hanging out with friends and I therefore have to take pictures to keep as memories (no duckface please LOL), I simply keep away from the camera or phone. Maybe it's because of this that I simply got awkward with cameras and photos. 

After about 15 minutes trying not to make weird expressions at the webcam, I eventually gave up and asked my sister to just click the 'Snap' button when she sees a not-so-bad angle and expression of mine.

Yeah, this one if taken by her. The earphones were added as an afterthought after I failed,
miserably, to get a decent shot of myself.

So, I then had quite a normal picture to post on my Facebook account. That's when I started to take weird pictures of myself once more. Depending on what you think, my selfies may or may not be weird after all. Here's one of them. 

Yeah, cause when I see myself on my laptop I get the urge to laugh because I look funny.

There are other proofs that I am awkward with the camera really. If you bother to scroll down my blog, you'll see some pretty weird shots as well. 

Ah dad just brought food home - 

oh no.

Not durians again. *sobs* I Don't Like Durians. NOPE. (Forced to eat some anyway)

*coughs and sputters* Oh I feel like vomiting QAQ

Ah, my internet hours are up. *gulps down water* It's time to resume doing my homework then.

... On second thoughts, maybe I'll just try play 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' on my piano before I restart on my homework. A few minutes of procrastination won't hurt much. After all I ended up doing my homework from 1 to 3 am earlier on this morning before I went to sleep. I miss my piano anyway. I wish I could say that I'm a grade 5 or 6 piano student or something, but I'm more to a self-learner. I usually play by ear though, but when it comes to the bass part of the song I usually mess up. .__. It's alright, at least I still do enjoy my piano activities <3

Maybe some day soon I'll just grab my phone and take a picture of my piano and post it on this blog. Am proud of having it, although it's actually a gift from my cousin who doesn't play the piano anymore now that she's working and has a family of her own.

Also. Maybe I'll make a list of the books I own and update it on this blog. I would be so very proud to show off my collection of books, you see? Have been reading Enid Blyton when I was 8 or 9 and after that, Mr. Midnight series, True Singapore Ghost Stories, chic lit, classics - my favourite was Jane Eyre - and now on to novels of all sorts - romance, thriller, horror, mystery, tragedy, history, the list goes on and on.

I only wish that I have more time to read, you know? Reading is a healthy hobby and I enjoy reading. Perhaps I should go for a job that would pay me for reading. Well, if I can write book reviews that would probably work won't it? On another day I'll tell you about my one-year job as a young journalist under a Starstruck! program in my country, Malaysia. It was immensely interesting and I learnt a lot from that experience!

*looks at the piano music sheet I have yet to write the notes on* I'll have to get started on my piano if I want to finish my homework in time.

I guess I'll see you guys some time soon aye? Have a good day!

Nicki Sim

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