Riding the Waves of Feels

Riding the Waves of Feels

I just watched this Japanese movie, "Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo' (At least I think that's the title, I might have read the kanji words wrongly) or in direct Japanese to English translation, The Girl who Leapt Through Time. As the title indicates, this girl, Makoto, was able to time-leap. When she first noticed this ability, she was actually supposed to be dead after being falling in front of a moving train. She then used her ability to go back to the morning just so that she could score higher marks in the pop quiz and avoid her bad luck the whole day. Then it was to change the fate of her two best friends, Chiaki and Kiosuke. Kiosuke, so that he would get a girlfriend and Chiaki, to avoid being confessed to.

The scene where Makoto was about to die

Makoto and Chiaki, when Makoto was avoiding him

Little did she know that every time she uses her time-leaping skills to avoid a bad luck, she was passing her luck to someone else.

The harder the leaps, the farther back into time she goes.

Either way, her time leaping activity soon got her into a situation where Kiosuke and his girlfriend dies in the same way she was supposed to, and finding out that Chiaki was from the future, where time-leaping was a possible activity with a very modern device. Chiaki had returned to the past and stopped the time when Kiosuke and his girlfriend were supposed to die, and confronted Makoto about her time-leaping.

Left to right: Chiaki, Makoto and Kiosuke

He then told her that he failed himself as the people from Makoto's generation was not supposed to know about time-leaping. He then just disappeared, having his chance to time-leap used up and unable to return to the future.

Makoto realized that she actually likes Chiaki after all, and was drowned in sorrow afterwards as she ruined everything that was supposed to happen between the two of them. They could have been a couple, but she did everything she could to avoid the confrontation. Just when she thought she lost all hope at helping Chiaki or meeting him again, she found out that she still had one remaining chance to time-leap.

That one chance, she used to go back to where it all began, when she found Chiaki's time-leaping device at the beginning of the story. That was when she went to Chiaki and returned him his device, and to tell him that she knew all about the device and time-leaping. Chiaki still has one chance to time-leap then, and Makoto told him to go back, and that she would preserve a drawing that would be very important to Chiaki in the future.

Chiaki's last words before he went back to his time were "I'll be waiting for you in the future."

"Mirai ni matte iru." Something like that.
With that, Makoto resumes the life she led and it all seems very promising that Chiaki would indeed meet her in the future. The story was a cliffhanger there though, and I could only cross my fingers that they would be together in the end.

Watching movies like this only makes me fall for whichever guy that the main character falls for, and by the end of the movie where Chiaki left her my heart was tearing up, wondering why Makoto won't just do something to tell Chiaki that she likes him as well. One last gesture, last words, nothing.

I hate goodbyes, not even in movies when the farewell is happening to non-existent characters.

Imagine if all this happens to humans in real life.

Suddenly time-leaping doesn't seem quite a good idea anymore. I mean, whatever that was shown in this movie could be true. When you alter an incident in the past, you alter the future as well. This was learnt in the Mirai Nikki series too.

I guess it's still best to live in the present. No looking back or regretting past actions. No what-ifs, although it still happens quite a lot to me. This time stuff, what a weird thing it is, isn't it?

Quoting from the Time-leaping Girl movie, "Time waits for no one."

Nicki Sim

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