Social Life

My part of social life today is done by having an ultra expensive meal with friends (RM 15 for pasta and salad, and my daily budget is < RM10 )

And later on tonight, I'll be watching The Conjuring with some friends as well. 8DD Altho. That's gonna cost me another few buck and that sucks quite some. It'll be at 11p.m., and about right after the movie I'll be back at hostel to have my shower whereby I would then prepare for the school trip which requires me to board a bus at 3.30a.m.

I hope it would be fun.

don't question mai expressions xD

I don't know yo, but I probably would not be able to post a blog the whole day tomorrow, so I'll schedule a post later.

Well, it seems like I've chosen the wrong topic to talk about in this post.

I mean. That two paragraphs above are about it. That's my social life.

Lunch with friends maybe one every fortnight or three weeks, and once every few months when I am actually allowed to go out for a movie.

Turns out I still am awkward with cameras though. 

Umm, I'll just leave this post here till I get back and have something to talk about the trip.

Alright, so I'm back at hostel around 9.45pm, 17th August 2013.

I was really supposed to be getting some sleep between 5 - 10pm at least while waiting for the time to arrive when I can get ready to go watch movie, but I only got to sleep for two hours before my room mate made too much noise and I woke up, unable to get back to sleep.

So, I made this simple mini-loudspeaker.

Would work better if le cups are plastic OMO

The Conjuring turned out to be quite a fun movie after all, and I was said to be the most relaxed and calm person out of le four of us who went for the movie.

Le girl friend was covering her face most of the time, and the two guys huddled close together unknowingly every time they knew something was about to pop out and act as a screamer. Of course, that alone was hilarious enough and I wish I have the photos of the scene when we watched the movie.

About le best pic I can find online to describe us at le movie.

By the time the movie was done with, it was 2am, 1.5 hours away from the time when we are supposed to leave for the trip. So back to the college we went, and I actually had supper at 3am before the journey really started.

Let's just say that I was really wondering why I was placed under the engineering workshop when I arrived at the Monash University Sunway Campus. Well, I am not taking physics this year, so it was kind of a surprise. But then, this workshop let us try engineering activities whereby we construct this simple robot-thing that can move at the direction where light is shone at it. I forgot to take the picture of out finished products, but here are the pictures of the sample given for us to follow should we need any guidelines

top part of le robot-thingy.

bottom of le robot-thingy
Well we did not use a cardboard but a CD to use as le base, =D

Anyway. that project was a success, although initially we could not get it to move to the right but later discovered that it's the motor's problem and upon changing the motor, it works well.

Afterwards we went to the National Bank, where we just did random stuff browsing around the arts and money and all that.

Then, we get to go home.

That's about it.

Really tired though. *slumps on table and sleeps*

Nicki Sim

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