"Why are you called Turtle?"

So. Every time I enter a new place - school, college, camps - I'd introduce myself by saying my real name first, then, "But really, just call me Turtle."

I've had this nickname since about 4 or 5 years ago, around 2008 or 2009. You see, there are actually two reasons to the nickname I own.

The first one is easier to explain. I was in Melaka, Malaysia the first 15 years of my life. In this state, there are not just Malays, Chinese and Indians like most of other states, but there are also Portuguese people living among us. 

I'm a Chinese. My best friends there, whom I shall call by the name CT and RT, are Portuguese and Christian respectively. They can't speak Chinese, and even if they can, the pronunciation is all wrong.

Thus, when CT tried to tell me that I'm her good friend, "你是我的好朋友." (ni shi wo de hao peng you), the word friend which is supposed to be read as 'Peng you' she read as 'pen yu'.

And, won't you have it, the word 'penyu' means turtle in Malay.

That's reason number one.

Reason Number Two.

I was stalking my senior back then, and at the same time I was pretty scared of her. So when I was not stalking her, I was busy staying out of her way but keeping her in my line of sight anyway just so that I can record her actions and send her stalker e-mails.

It was perhaps due to the fact that I keep hiding 'in my shell' when she's around that I got this nickname too.

Thinking back, that senior knew that I was scared of her (and that I was stalking her), and she actually chased me around the school for the fun of it while I was just there panicking and running and spilling my drinks which I bought from the school canteen.

Ah, good times, good times.

Picture of a turtle, majestic as fuck

About 3 months into Semester 1 in college, my coursemates all called me either 'Turtle' or 'Yuki'. Mostly. Some still calls me by my real name.

The highlight of Semester 1 was when

lecturer: Wan Yong *My real name*, do you understand this one?
a course mate: *Looks around* Who's Wan Yong?

I'm pretty sure that dude was just joking, but credits to him nonetheless for sticking to the name I asked him to call me by.

Now I'm halfway through Semester 2 already, and even some lecturers have taken to calling me Turtle. Those with their own nicknames would know the happiness of that. Maybe. 

On a side note before ending this post...

The holidays are officially ending.

I shall resume my studies tomorrow and I hope I would still have time to update this blog daily.

Wish me luck!

Nicki Sim

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