Abstinence or Ignorance?

Boy I sure was emotional last night. *laughs*

Drew this on my hand maybe a few
consecutive days for one whole week
or more OMO"
Thankfully I am now back to my normal self, and believe it or not the sadness and all is now over. Just over like that. It's as if I had my share of sadness and amidst my upset feelings and the sea of memories - river, maybe - I have put him into the back of my mind.

Perhaps it's just the way my mind works, you know. Get totally upset the day something happened, then complete ignorance and the memory deletion process begins. Maybe some time after that, the upset feeling starts up for a while more and after that, it's gone forever. No more whatever feely feelings for something or someone.

Speaking of ignorance and abstinence though...

I sure am ignoring my homework.

Empty seats occupied by bags everywhere
I'll probably edit this post later on and add more stuff. Maybe not. Eitherway, here's a shoutout to the others at the college who lets their bags occupy the empty seats during lunch hour and goes out of campus. Why not leave the seats empty if you are not going to occupy the seats so that others who actually have to use it can do so? 

Parents Day was held yesterday, and I received quite an amount of positive feedback. The negative part was that I was usually quiet in class, and talk to people only when they talk to me first.

This already is an improvement compared to when I was still in Semester 1 and ignored people though =P

NW, she inboxed me and told me that the relationship had went on since right after the 'summer exams'. Living in Malaysia I have to say, I wonder which exam is that when we have summer all year long. sort of. Would have been nice if they have told me instead of having me look like a fool liking someone who's already owned though. 

Nicki Sim

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