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I currently have a little time on my hands before I continue with my Chemistry revisions.

It's tiring, all this studying for the trials, I tell you. What that happened between the time of my last post and this one included a family trip to Penggerang, Johor and a scholarship awards ceremony that happened just yesterday.

This scholarship award thing. From my course and intake, there's only - if I'm not mistaken - 9 students who received this entrance scholarship. 1 was on crutches, he declined to come to this ceremony. The other one, he left once the ceremony was over so I was not able to get him into the picture.

And yes, I was the only girl from our course and intake. But our class has always had more guys than girls to start with. That's about it really.

Let me take this opportunity to tell my course mates - it's pretty unlikely that they would see this post or know about the existence of my blog to start with, but still - that I love all of youse. 

It's been fun, getting to know you guys. This one whole year spent stressing out over assignments, wondering who has a crush on you and vice versa, rushing last minute for the topic tests and so on, all these memories would stay in my heart forever. You guys are all awesome. Thanks for being my friends. <3

Today, I spammed my phone and ears with Anamanaguchi's tracks from the album 'Endless Fantasy'.

The first time I heard about this Anamanaguchi band is perhaps three whole months ago on Tumblr when someone shared their song titled 'Prom Night'.

I heard it for the first time, and I fell for the beats and the music itself as a whole. The whole track really, the voice, the whatevers - I have no background knowledge of the names of elements in a song.

Then I started listening to this track more and more, and I'd even play it in loops and somehow, I have not grown tired of this song yet.

While I might skip some songs randomly played in my phone playlist, this one I have never skipped.

Just about 15 minutes ago I downloaded all the 22 songs from this album on YouTube and had them transferred to my phone. 22 songs from Anamanaguchi that I would listen to when I study or feel sleepy. I wish I have brought my head phones back home, I left it in the hostel. =( Now I have to songs downloaded but no ear phones to spoil my ears with.

Either way, if you like song remix or techno stuff, I believe that you would love this band as well. 8D You can thank me later.

Nicki Sim

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