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Monday blues, oh so blue. The feeling of getting back to studies after two awesome days of just fooling around (not really, it’s more to just sitting in front of my laptop playing games and 9gagging etc) cannot be defined by the mere word ‘miserable’.

Last night, I vowed to sleep early, as in like, sleep around 10pm latest.

What I ended up doing was browsing through the family photos stored inside this laptop of mine for maybe one hour or more before selecting 49 of them to be uploaded to Facebook. Most of these pictures showed me as a short-haired girl.

Short-haired, as in mimicking a guy’s hair cut but not that extreme.

Seeing those photos made me reconsider cutting my hair short once more. After all, I only kept my hair long because of my ex’s request. Speaking of my ex, he just told me a few days ago that he hated me. What did he really mean though, I do wonder. I mean, the thing between us was over more than a year and 3 months ago. I hated him about 1 week after the relationship ended and continued hating for maybe 4 or 5 months or even half a year maybe, and it’s only NOW, now that I would call him from time to time when bored that he suddenly tells me he hates me.

What the fuck is really wrong with him, I do wonder.

Putting him aside, there's literally one month left before the finals commence. I do wish that I would study after this. Right now as I am typing this, my Tetris Battle game is loading, and sitting next to me are Ryana, Jia Ying and Cindy, all four of us going to play Tetris Battle in the ICT lab.

The hostel fees are to be paid tomorrow. There's lots of Chemistry studies to do. I want to draw. I want to finish reading my novels. There's only so much a person can do at any one time. I really want to study now. I really wish I have the willpower and determination to complete whatever revisions I have to do within this one month to maintain my excellent studies record.

Wish me luck, dear readers.

It sure seems as if Tatoru Yuki is running out of stuff to rant on, isn't she?

Let us dwell on stalkers for today. Stalkers. I don't know about others but mine is not really stalking to start with. All that I really do is to watch out for his presence and listen to his voice whenever I can, and see how NW and him are going. I sometimes find where his classes would be held, and 'coincidentally walks past the class' to see how he and NW studies.

I am not exactly sure but he doesn't seem to be studying much. Or at least, his posture doesn't make it seem as it he's studying. Yet from what I heard he's good in his studies.

It's this category of people that I am jealous of. I study so damn hard to GET WORSE RESULTS THAN THOSE WHO DID NOT STUDY. much.

Stalkerism though. I wish that stalking someone would be able to provide me with the info and knowledge that the stalked person has.

NW though. Previously I thought that it's her natural look to look as if she's frowning and all, but now I'm not so sure. It seems as if her hatred is directed at me alright. I do not blame her. After all, I have been stalking her dude for like maybe a few months. Not sure if she knows, but well.

Tetris Battle is loading really slowly.

uhm. Yeah, I have nothing much to rant about.

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