Commencing le Revisions!

I had only English class today. One hour. 1330 to 1430. Maths class was cancelled because the lecturer was absent today. You see this weird thing about body clock is that you refuse to wake up early on days that you need to, and on days like today when I can actually sleep in till maybe noon, I woke up a little after 9am. 

I DID, however, manage to do some revisions for Maths for about 2 hours before I went for lunch then one more hour after the class. Currently taking a short break by blogging and Facebook-ing. earlier this morning though, KT came over and explained to me that NW did not actually mean to scare me and said that it was okay to talk to her. She won't bite. Of course, I know that. But that was still a little scary.

I still managed to say hi to her though. ... Not really, more like

Probably more awkward than this.
*awkward waving* 
*whispers a soft 'hi'* 
*says under mai breath "okay I've done it see you"* 
*brisk-walk/ half-run back to my seat at le canteen*
*fast heartbeat and can no longer focus on my revision cause I talked to KT and NW on the same day within one hour and it was so exhilarating I can't believe I actually talked to them*

Something like that.

It's only upon beginning the revisions however that I realized I do not actually have the answers to the questions I was answering. There would be a topic test for Probability this Friday, you see. So I was just trying to study this chapter more. I would have been glad to have more time to study but guess what, the wedding to be held tomorrow would take up my time till maybe 11pm or so. Classes shall be done with at 4.30pm, and I would need to rush to the wedding, change my clothes and wear this 3-inches heels and all.

*Prays that I would not fall and sprain my ankle tomorrow*

It just dawned on me that the revision today would be the only revision I would be able to have before the test. This single test takes up 30% of my internal assessment marks. It's also just my luck that I'm sorta bad at this chapter.

Oh mai dearest lecturer, whai did you not provide us the answers along with the exercises given when you know that we would not have time to discuss all the questions? Had you given us the answers we would at least be able to compare our answers with yours and know if we are doing it right or not. Why, teacher, why???

My relationship with Chemistry
I might as well be done with my revisions for trials for this subject by this week, actually. It's chemistry that I really need to work on because ever since the first topic I was not able to answer most of the calculation questions.

I can tell you that I would be glad to be rid of Chemistry at last when I'm done with this MUFY course this year.


On a side note, if I keep ranting about my studies this blog won't be that fun anymore, would it? I shall rant on some other stalkerism stuff or something tomorrow. Just something that's not involved with studies. If I have the time to post. I ain't sure yo, I mean, the schedule tomorrow's kind of packed and I would really love to post something about that wedding.

We shall see, okay? We shall see.

Nicki Sim

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