First things first. Due to the oncoming exams – trials on the 23rd of September and finals on the 28th of October, I might not be able to post as often as I did. Maybe a post every two days and if I am able to, I would type a post in advance and schedule it to be posted on the next day. Many apologies to my loyal readers, if any.

I do not know how to feel when I say this, but I actually have just started on my revisions for the trials. Not all subjects though, a it here and there actually. To think that Chemistry and Maths are scheduled to be tested on the same day is quite a nightmare really. Two of my weakest subjects in which I have the least confidence in to be gone through on the same day, barely hours apart.

Something that I do not have to worry about much now is my gaming. I have finally gotten it under control. Tetris Battle is a game, although fun, may be somewhat stressful at times. I have even became sort of lazy to play those Facebook games as well.

Instead, I am not kind of attached to novels and that tablet of mine, drawing every night before I go to sleep. The only assignment left now is for Moral Education, but that can actually be done in a day. I might try to finish it tomorrow morning if I actually manage to get up early enough to do so. Wednesday classes are my favourite really. Two hours, from 1330 to 1530, only Maths and English. I can wake up at 1230pm and still have time to have breakfast before I go to the campus at 1300 to have some small chat with my friends.

I hope that this little amount of socializing here is more than what I had the past few months. It would be nice to be able to talk to people casually and somehow just blend in with the others. It's a tiny dream of mine. Maybe I'm on my way there? I can only hope.

Ah, one of my cousins is getting married this Thursday and I would be in charge of this guest registration thing. That means I would have to dress nice and keep smiling at people I barely even know and ask them for signatures and accept ang paus given only to pass them to the bride and groom, of course. To be married at the age of 21 though, I simply cannot imagine.

I have strayed off-topic, haven't I?

Studies are my priorities; at least I hope it is. Hobbies aside, I do try to have more interest in my studies, but somehow the interest is fading lately due to lack of revisions and understandings. I fear that my exam results would be affected. With about 13 days left before the trials commence, I shall need to give all I have to get the best results.

Not that I want to be the best. I just want to see my hard work pay off, but if I do happen to be a top scorer and somehow end up with this mousey face of mine in the newspapers, my mum would be happy. She loves it when she can show me off to her sisters and brothers. *laughs*

If I can be as good as what the others expect of me, I would be happy, I guess. Some friends and family members of mine simply think too highly of me, expecting me to get the best in everything. You know you can't really please everyone.  The least that I can do is to prove that having a laptop and tablet and some novels in the dorm with me DOES NOT and WILL NOT affect my exam results.

It would be nice if I can have people to give me extra tutoring though, where I can ask them questions and have my questions answered instead of the other way round. Other than my lecturers, there are quite a small number of people that I can count on for now. There's not much time left anyway, and all of us are busy with our own stuff. Group studies? Somehow doesn't work much for me. Not really efficient when you end up talking and chatting with your friends with no strict regulations not to go on Facebook or blasting music while studying anyway.

Tomorrow I shall start with Maths once more. With the little remaining time before I go to sleep tonight I shall read a little of Chemistry. Wish me luck, babies.

Nicki Sim

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