Fatter, apparently

So my sister just commented how I became fatter after the one-week holidays.

I don't really get it. I mean, all I did the whole time while studying for my trials is to study, take exams, study till late night, take coffee as supplement, and poof.

I myself saw the extra fats that I've gained within 4 days. My oh my, metabolism is a scary thing isn't it?

I'm here today to think about the lifestyle I led during the 4 short-but-hectic days of examinations.

The weekend before the exams, I half-heartedly browsed through the chemistry notes I owned and read through the English novel 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini about to be tested for our Engish papers. I did not manage to finish read the whole novel even by Monday morning when the exam was about to start. One does not simply finish a 400 pages novel within one day if procrastination occurs.

That Sunday, I studied till about 1.30a.m. and I drank coffee the morning before the exam begins.

Once I was done with the English papers, I set myself to prepare for the test on Wednesday - Chemistry and Mathematics. I had no papers on Tuesday. Chemistry and Mathematics happened to be my two weakest subjects out of the four I was tested. As you can probably guess, I procrastinated. I finished reading the chemistry notes on that Monday and spent most of my day trying to do the Chemistry calculation questions on Tuesday.

Both days, I slept around 1 or 2 a.m. as well. Coffee was essential then.

By Tuesday night I was completely stressed out when I realized that I had a lot of trouble with Chemistry calculation questions and that I was not able to answer my friends' questions for Maths either. I did not do any revision for Maths.

Zero. No revisions.

So of course, I think I screwed up my Chemistry papers and pass with poor marks for Maths.

English and Biology was fine though.

The finals are on the 28th of October. From then right till the 8th of November. My birthday, a date in between, would not be celebrated. *cries*

Nicki Sim

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