New Shoes!

Today, I was supposed to wake up at 6am to do my assignments. What ended up happening though, was that I was too tired to wake up at that hour and only woke up 1.5 hour later. Even with that, I only progressed very little for that lab report of mine. 

By 10am, the whole family is ready for the day and we set off to KSL Resort for my dad's friends reunion event. I was in charge of collecting the payment and distributing the printed books and CDs of the big reunion event the year before on this very same day. Yes, my dad took one year to complete the book which was actually just contact details of all the Sec. 3 students in year 1982, and the CD was done by someone else really. He admitted that he procrastinated a lot anyway. At this point, I would like to say,"Like father, like daughter".

Anyway, about 2 hours into the event I was at the brink of dying from boredom and after my mum looked at my favourite pair of shoes (bought in Taiwan during the family holiday trip in December 2012) which was kind of battered and worn down - I insist, it's very comfy - she said that I shall go for a shopping trip with her that very minute and so I went, wearing fine clothes and a very mismatched-looking worn-out shoes to look for the next perfect shoes. The picture at the right shows the type of shoes I was looking for. Black, simple, with a buckle-thing or ribbons or whatever ties or knots, or spikes. But most importantly, let it be black. Black and white or black and red works for me too. Just as long as there's black, really.

Now, I've always had quite some trouble making choices when I want to buy shoes. Normally, I'd look at a pair of really nice shoes and pick it up and turn it over to look at the price and horrified, put it back to the shelf. Gently. Because the price of that pair of shoes is about 3 or 4 times more than my budget and there's simply no way I could afford it. Scenario two, is when I see yet another nice pair of shoes, and then notice that it's an extremely tall high heels. And the heels are very thin and tiny I was sure that I would fall at least 10 times within an hour if I wear it. I am not really the high heels type of girl you see. I'm more to sports shoes  and sandals material. That picture within this paragraph, it shows lovely shoes that are simply too high for moi. *cries*

So, I ended up browsing through at least 6 stores in hopes of finding a pair of shoes that would suit me and fulfill my criteria. The thing is, I did not come across any shoes that I fancy which I can afford and is less than 2 inches high. Some shoes are too flat to walk comfortably in, some shoes are nice but obviously of low quality, some shoes are just alright yet it's not comfy. Until I came across this pair of shoes that my mum recommended to me. It's black and white, with a small buckle on it. It's easy to wear - I usually take up to 5 seconds for wearing shoes, sports shoes or not, because they are easy to wear without all those zippers and knots nonsense.

It costs RM49.90, and I now have this pair of shoes resting peacefully under my bed in my hostel room. Perhaps I would wear it tomorrow, or the day after. I still prefer that battered pair of comfy shoes though. Maybe I'll get a picture of that pair of shoes tomorrow and upload it.

I finally have time to do my assignments now, so I shall waste no time anymore. I'll see you readers tomorrow, I hope. 

Nicki Sim

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