Of Photoshop and Psykopaint

I've downloaded and installed Adobe Photoshop Element 10 which came with the Tablet package last night and tried to use it.

I was completely clueless about how to use it. In the first 8 minutes I couldn't figure out how to draw anything on the blank screen because the size of the pen used was too small for the line to look visible. Yes I feel dumb now, really.

Done on Photoshop
Good thing about this software though, it has this layer function which means that I can now draw the sketch on one layer, do the background on another, colouring on a new one and finally the final pen-lining on the next layer. Painting is made easier with layers as I would not mess up the whole drawing if I happened to need to erase part of the colours but not the lines.

Am I making any sense now? I am not that sure, I don't even know what terms to use to explain what I want to say lol.

Psykopaint though, it needs the users to unlock enough achievements with which we can get the coins to purchase more artsy tools and stuff. Layer needs 40 coins and up to date I have only collected like, 25 coins up to date. I have unlocked several other brushes but really, I am not sure how long more can I use this application cause not being able to have the full version of it sort of sucks yet it's just so fun QAQ

If any of you people have a Psykopaint account, do follow moi so I can get more coins for all those other fabulous brushes~!! Here's the link to mai gallery once more. That shall be all for today, I have more excitement or this baby tablet of mine currently xD

Nicki Sim

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