Presentation FAIL!

So I did my English presentation today.

I was practicing my presentation last night, thus I did not have the time to do any blogging at all. Very sorry if you guys actually noticed that one missing post that I was supposed to publish yesterday.
clearer image here

However, here's a picture and mini-interview response of mine that got published in the Stuff@school pullout yesterday and my mum was happy to see me in the papers once more. Just look at my mum lol, she loves seeing her daughter publicized for some reasons.

During the practice, I was doing just fine and I actually memorized the speech. What's more, the time limit given, 7 - 8 minutes, I was actually within this time limit. Yet when I presented, not only my voice trembled and my knees buckle, I spoke too quickly, too softly.

And I ended up using about 9 minutes for the presentation.

In short, I completely fucked up.

I'm sort of disappointed really. I thought that I have completely gotten rid of my stage fright during that two months of my job as a tuition teacher but it's back again making me look like an idiot in front of the whole class. I guess I would need constant socializing and communication if I ever want to improve in my communication and presenting skills.

Wore le blue shirt with a grey tie for le presentation
along with a black pencil skirt and black heels
Forgot to take picture however and this is all I can get
as a photo now. =P
Then again, while I was practicing last night, I actually practiced it all on my own so I did not exactly learn how to present to humans instead of to a laptop. I shall remember this lesson.

I've also learnt something else from the presentation, which is the reason why I refuse to wear skirts and high heels. After some time not wearing either of these, I kind of forgot the reasons and now I remember. I have to pull the skirt downwards every now and then, and walking in high heels hurt. Never again, until necessary.

The trials for my foundation program (Semester 2) is now only 20 days away and I still have not completed quite an amount of my assignments. Revisions? I might have forgot the definitions of that word. 

With all these socializing - if this is what it is - with all my awesome hostel friends, I get to spend more money eating (We just came back from McD with chocolate sundae and fries) more meals and the best thing ever is that we procrastinate together.

With that procrastination, we also end up rushing to finish an assignment at the last minute late into the night, sometimes up to 2a.m. in the ... morning or something.

From left, Ryana, Jia Ying, Jonathan (that weird dude high from caffeine) and Filiah
Another good thing is that we get to play songs randomly and sometimes I'd hear some crazy singing from at least one of them. At other times, there'd be weird dirty jokes and all.

Having friends are nice. Sorts of make me forget about my terrible presentation.

However I got to finish my multimedia report by tomorrow however, and having friends does not change this fact, sadly.

Nicki Sim

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