RPG games Anyone??

So recently I have started to play RPG games once more.

Said RPG games are produced form this RPG maker program, and the one that I know of is actually this thing called RPG Maker VX something something.

The thing about these games though is that you have to download some RTP software thing to start playing. The games that I do play is more to the horror side however, I don't seem to have much interest in anything related to adventure - novels, games and so forth. 

Let me just share a few horror RP games with you guys. These can actually be downloaded from this site:

I personally would recommend 'The Witch House', 'The Crooked Man', 'Misao', 'Mermaid Swamp' and 'Hello'.

If you want to prepare yourself for the scarier games, I would recommend that you start with Misao. 

Clock of Atonement
Or, as an alternative, why not start with 'Clock of Atonement'? It's a very short game and is not horror-related but have a nice storyline anyway.

If you do like horrors and jumpscares however, go straight to the games provided under the horror section in vgperson website. 

You would love them to bits.

You can play them offline and if you play it with your head phones on, just be prepared at all times to be shocked by the sudden noises and such.

Like seriously, cause I actually had my heart beating real fast while playing the witch house alone at night.

Enjoy your games, people.

Nicki Sim

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