Saya no Uta

*Starts the daily post with a potato gif.* So I have been playing - or rather, reading - Saya no Uta, a visual novel game from Japan the for maybe one hour or two last night and another two hours today. This is a really good game, (novel, really) based on horror and a bit of umm... 18+ stuff. try googling it, you might be able to find the download link somewhere. The file size is about 480++MB, for the full game.
The story starts of with the main character, Fuminori, describing his hell-like life whereby the people around him are all a big mess of guts and intestine and such. All bloody and slimy. 
Imagine waking up in the hospital to see your bed like this.
Those slimy gut-like stuff? They are his friends. He woke up after a car accident that involved the lives of both his parents and a neurological disorder caused him to see the surroundings and the people around him to look like monsters. Soon the disorder affects not only his sights but also his hearing - he hears the voices as gurgles, incoherent voices. The smell? Everything stinks and feels just like how they appear to be. 

Such was his disorder. However, there's this girl, Saya, who he was able to see as a normal person. 
Let's just say that this girl was the one that left him to remain sane. Otherwise, he would have gone insane or commit suicide because of his inability to see things the way there were. Not even his home could provide him comfort, everything was just distorted. 

The city, according to his sights.
Fuminori knew why he saw things that way - he was a medical student, but knowing it alone does not help him to cure him of that disorder.

I had fun with all the gore and epic storyline in this visual novel. There are two scenes where you have to make a choices and there's 4 different endings in total. If you like gore and horror with a bit of hentai, this game is for you. 

I fell for this game, hard. 

Nicki Sim

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