Social Anxiety?

I am now in dilemma over which thing to do first:
Homework 1: Biology
Homework 2: Moral Education
Leisure Time: Blogging, drawing, Tetris Battle-ing.

That, or Option 4: Sit here waiting for 1730 hours to arrive and have my friends suddenly summon KT over just to see my reaction once more.

This is the bad part about letting your classmates know about your ... ex-crush or idol or whatever it is that I can call KT now. The good thing though, there's his voice I get to listen to. *laughs*

There's this deal he and I had just maybe last Friday. If I get to form a friendship and trust between NW and I, he would read me a storybook. Being his voice fanatic I jumped at the chance of course. After all, NW is a nice person to get to know. I like her already even before I actually get to know her.

However, It was not as easy as it seems.

Today, NW and KT and their friends were all sitting at a table just talking and doing homework, and I thought that I could gather enough courage to go say 'Hi' to NW when KT is gone.

Guess what though, when he's gone I was only looking at NW sitting with her friends, and wonder if it's normal for a person to just say 'Hi' to an acquaintance who's sitting with two complete strangers that I, by chance, got to know through Facebook. I know only their FB names though. I have never talked to them before.

So in the end I managed to get within maybe 2 meters near NW and then I took a sharp turn to the stairs after she glared at me. Maybe she was not glaring but I was panicking so I took it as glaring, you see. 


So, Trial 1: Failed.

I suck at communication.

On the bright side though, KT's pretty audible today. To every bright side there's a dark side, so for this case, I discovered that I'm getting increasingly scared of him the more I go all fanatic over him. It's not like he doesn't know though, just a few days ago I gave him the link to my blog and there it goes, he now knows everything that I have typed on this blog, rubbish and whatnot.

No regrets, however. With luck this might turn out to become our method of communication. (slaps myself for daydreaming. He has his own friends that are much more awesome yo)

Wish me luck in obtaining that friendship with NW.

On a side note, while I was talking on the phone with this Telekom guy, a friend of mine, CH, actually asked KT to come study with us and he...

actually agreed.

So now he might be joining us for the next few days this week.

Which means that aside from thinking about how to complete my homework, I now have to think about how to face him tomorrow and how. just HOW. can I communicate with him.

... Thank you though, CH. I get to listen to his voice more. THANK YOU YO.

Nicki Sim

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