Stop Slouching, SIT UP STRAIGHT!

It has this shoulder-strap thing that pulls your shoulders back

Ever since I was about 11 or 12, I had a hunchback; quite a minor one, maybe because I carried all my books to school every day instead of leaving books under my desk in school like everyone else. You know how heavy schoolbags look on primary school kids. At that age, the schoolbag must have been too heavy for me, thus the hunching.

So my parents bought me this hunchback-correcting thing, something made in China. It has metal straps at the back of it, quite flexible too. You can adjust the tightness of this piece of thing at the waist when you wear it. Upon wearing it you would actually just sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back instead of slouching forward in that hunchback position of yours. It's kind of effective, I think.

Get a chance to slim your waist as well while wearing this!
So it's said that you need to wear this maybe 4 hours daily at least, and you would be cured of your hunch in about 4 months if you stick to wearing this ritually.

The thing is, I did not. I wore it maybe for a week or two consecutively, and then let it lay on my chair for the next few weeks or even months. Now I'm going on 18 years old, and I still have not been cured of my hunchback. When I shower, I feel my backbones, and I swear, I can feel a curve protruding outwards at my lower back. Not sure if it's normal but heck, I know I slouch most of the time and am therefore pretty sure about the backbone thing. I have been hunching for so long that my backbones might already have fixed its shape and all.

So now I'm trying to wear this thing once more and see if I can set my bones straight again.

It's hard to even bend to get something xD
I use my laptop a lot recently, and everyone knows that we would rarely sit straight when sitting in front of a computer or a laptop. I am making it a point to wear this thing every time I have to use my laptop. Maybe I would wear this to school although my backbone would ache from being straightened for a long time suddenly. Yes, it would hurt sometimes like how I imagine the older people would hurt, but it's manageable and I do not actually mind this pain. Anything to improve myself, really. I just need more willpower.

My back's hurting even as I type this.

Imagine you have a compressed spring as your backbone. A bent one. You straighten yourself, the spring straightens too. But the spring would tend to return to its original shape, something I suspect is the reason why my backbone hurts when I wear this. Must be, actually.

I know quite a lot of people who walk with a hunch or slouches in their stride, but I hope it's not too late a reminder to those reading this post:

Sit up straight yo. 

Nicki Sim

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