Look. I can draw normal stuff too k.
That’s literally the first thing I must say to my blogreaders before I proceed with my daily rantings once more.

a fanart for the silent hill movie OMO
So far, after having the exams for allfour subjects – English, Chemistry, Maths and Biology, I see a very high chance in failing my Chemistry papers (What that came out in the exams were way out of my expectations, and I was not good in chemistry calculation questions to start with. The best case scenario – luck and all that other shit included, I mght get 73%. Worst case scenario, I get maybe around 56%. That’s kind of worrying really, and what I intend to do is to relax the whole day and maybe the weekends as well before continuing with my efforts to study.

I can only hope that I keep to my words about this. If procrastination is a subject I’d probably ace it. That’s how bad my procrastination habits are. *sighs*

Maths though, let’s just say I might as well have left two questions (worth 17 marks altogether) blank. I had no idea what I was doing when facing the questions about tree diagrams and this variance thing which I forgot how to apply the formula.

English and Biology? I’m glad to say that I believe I have studied enough for these shitz and I would probably at least get a Distinction for it if not High Distinction.
Something I drew for the Witch House game

My current dilemma is whether I should log off this computer and go eat (I had only two pieces of biscuits as breakfast and I’m just as hungry as my friend sitting beside me now), or to go back to hostel to sleep or to just start playing games now.

I need sleep. I also need food and games and entertainment.

You can’t do all three things at once.

Good thing however is that my friend has just agreed with me to go eat later and then come back to this heavenly computer place to play Tetris Battle or something.

Sounds like a plan.

Shall I just pause my post here for now and go get some food?

I believe so. I might add more stuff in this post if I do not end up sleeping after this.

See ya, fellowz.

Meow. Imma just spend the day just drawing now xDD

Nicki Sim

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