Wacom Bamboo Tablet~!

 See this photo? See that black thing? that's Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch model CTH-670, which I bought for RM699 at Jusco Bukit Indah, Johor. I was supposed to have found this baby at a Switch outlet but oh, look. It turns out that the Johor Switch outlet does not sell Wacom products anymore, and with my luck I managed to get this model here at the shop right next to it.

I managed to get to try it out before buying it and yes, it needs some getting used to, all the orientation and drawing stuff.

 I used to draw with a mouse, so it wasn't all that hard to draw without looking at the tablet itself.

Using a tablet like this means that you move your hands yet keep your eyes on the monitor. That's how it works.

By now, I have kind of gotten used to this tablet. Quite some. Enough to be able to make some drawings and sketches with this awesome baby. Oh seriously I was just smiling as I hold this tablet in my hands and enjoying the feel of just having it with me.

first thing I drew + wrote with mai tablet
These drawings here. There. I have attached them. I am still getting used to using this tablet but you got to admit this is not too bad for a first-timer yo. Oh. as for reviews. This tablet, I chose it over the smaller sized one so that it would be more convenient and this thing is really light to carry around. You hover the pen over the table to navigate around the page and when your place your pen on the tablet you are already drawing or writing on whatever softwares, such as paint, bamboo dock and psykopaint.

This RM699 though, it comes with the installation CD for the driver and another bamboo thing I have not installed. Then there's also Adobe Photoshop, I think.I have not installed it yet, but I'm pretty sure that I would be addicted to using this tablet daily in no time at all.

I'm going to draw lots of creepy dolls and stuff. I. Can't. Wait.

Nicki Sim

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