10th August 2013
So. Tatoru Yuki, le blog owner who does wacky hairstyles, had her mum cut her hair for her the past two days. Umm, not two whole days, but on two consecutive days. Before this, my hair was about umm... somewhere at my back. Not as short as shoulder length, but shorter than le waist length. About so. 

The picture attached with moi pigtails was taken on the 10th of August this year. oh. I already am missing my longer hair back then. Oh. Just two days and I have lost my long hair and even my fringe. My feels. 

But it's alright 'cause hair can always grow longer in about... say, a few months.

Yesterday night, my mum asked if I wanted to cut my hair a little shorter, because she said I did not look nice with my hair too long. "Long hair is nice on you," she said, "But not when your hair is too long. Your hair now is a little too long and this does not suit you". I, on the other hand, was feeling sentimental about my short hair after I browsed through my old photos where I had really short hair.
Somewhen in late 2011. Tell me
that I am handsome, ladies.
cut mai hair, 4th October 2013. Fringe still long
So anyway, I agreed. I initially asked to get my short boy-ish haircut back. And when I say short, it's really short. shorter than the picture displayed on the left here. Well, let's just say that my mother and sister were against it. They said that the haircut by now would make my dace look big and thus not nice.

So I ended up with shorter hair (OH THE WEIGHTLESSNESS) and immediately I felt less weight on my head. I may have thin hair and all, but that does not change the fact that my hair is now shorter and the amount of hair cut is quite significant judging on the amount of hair I actually had.

Then today, my sister suggester that I cut my fringe as well. Make it a bang, you know. I had a dilemma about this. I mean, it's the fringe that took the longest to grow somehow, and I was happy when I finally had my fringe long enough to have this 'emo girl' look.

Here's me trying to look at least SLIGHTLY guy-ish.
Umm, yeah. that was my initial reason and excuse to grow my fringe. I soon learnt that fringes were not grown to be of that use. Still, it hurts to have to cut the fringe I took so long to grow.

But I did anyway. And doing so took about 5 years off my age.

This haircut is not designed for the cool-people-wanna-be's. I can't even look like a guy anymore with this haircut. Oh God Why.

However, I did get many compliments saying I look cuter with my current haircut. To those still unfamiliar with me, keep in mind that I am a girl who likes to act and look like a guy. So being 'cute', if this compliment is sincere, is not exactly the compliment I was looking for.

Kawaii desu ka~? *pukes* I CAN'T.
Guyish or not, I shall have to live with this haircut until my hair grows again in a few months.

Hopefully by then I would be able to attain a cool-girl look or even better, A HANDSOME GIRL.

That's one of my little dreams.

One day I shall get myself a short-hair wig and wear a guy's suit, complete tuxedo and bow tie and all, and pretend that I'm a guy for a day.

Maybe even pretend that my best girl friend is my GIRLFRIEND and yeah, snap photos to keep as memories. That, would be fun.

On a side note, I am sorry to say that I will not be posting often until my finals are over. The finals are to be held from the 28th of October right till the 6th of November, which also means that I would not be able to have a fun birthday celebration without worrying if I have studied enough for my papers.

See you soon, my dearest readers. <3

Tatoru Yuki shall attempt to be more girlish while she keeps this haircut.

Nicki Sim

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