Oh Mai Studies Whai

It's just one of those days when I find myself contemplating the meaning of life. Why do we live, what are we supposed to achieve and  just, what next? 

If there's no mess when you're studying, you're probably
doing it wrong. Then again, maybe it's just me.
I am the mess itself. OwO 
Given a choice, I'd have fun all the time with my friends and leave things I do not want to do aside. Like, just put aside my worries about how I am going to cope with the future and what my life would be like after all these so-called 'academic achievements'. I am not even smart enough to get into the universities my parents hoped I can get into. To get 90+ marks per subject for Pre-U is possible, I know. But when it comes to science subjects my heart just sort of gave up on me. 

The determination and efforts just sort of... evaporated.

I loved biology, still do. It's nice to be able to understand how allergic reaction occurs, how fever is actually helpful under monitoring, whether I should use warm or cold water to cure a swelling or blood clot and other similar stuff.

Chemistry? It's actually kind of mind-blowing to know that we are all kind of empty when we are broken down to atomic molecules. So much space in an atom with the electrons not closely packed within the atom, how there is carbon inside us and the fact that we are actually slowly burning up and thus the use of antioxidants to stop the aging... just, woah.

As for Maths, the 'x', 'y' and 'z' no longer bothers me, and it's really satisfying when you get to solve a tough question after breaking down the components of the question. Get the numbers in order and you just sort of know the formula to use. Except for probability. It's not about the formula when probability is involved.

English. Aww yiss English. One of my favourite subjects as well. I got 84% for my trials. The highest score was 90%, and my marks was the second highest in my class. Happy enough. I love reading and I read English materials. For our second semester, literature is involved. No surprise that I am trying to read all the short stories that I can get on my hands. But then, I have to put this aside to do more revision for Maths and Chemistry.

Meanwhile, KT and NW and their whole class had their last class today, which meant that their finals are probably just around the corner. Woah. 

I'll probably never see them again after my finals are done with! OAO""

So now I just found yet another two people to be sentimental about. Gosh Imma miss them really. Although I don't know them that much, it's still.. well... yeah.

Imma stock up on tissue papers for my graduation day. Imma need all that. Cause Imma cry. QAQ


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