Studying abroad?

First things first. I saw KT in a lab coat today. I know I said that I would stop fangirling over him, but one does not simply ignore the guy you once liked wearing a lab coat. Lab coats are just so awesome. Maybe even sexy, depending on your taste. But oh. Oh. The sight of him. Just. Oh. *internal screaming*

I'm not sure. I might have been staring at him too long and he might have noticed me staring at him. Either way, I hope I'm done fangirling for real because NW really would not like to have me still thinking of him and all.

So instead, I went to this education fair thing, which is mostly based in Australia. The universities that were there for us to make inquiries are mostly from Australia, and sadly, does not offer scholarships. Even if they do, not much. For me to get into the Monash University Sunway Campus in Kuala Lumpur, I would need a score of 365 and above out of 400. This score is obtained by adding the scores you get from both semesters and dividing it by 2. My semester 1 score is about 336. To get 365, I would need to obtain about 394 marks this semester. Which means that I need to get an average of 99 marks per subject. (I take only 4 subjects, while some of my friends took an extra subject to obtain a few more marks for their total score)
... Fuck my life.

I have decided (subject to change) to take this design course. Multimedia design, most probably. Or some design where I get to make games and advertisements. I just want to draw and design and create characters, stuff like that. 

However, I have yet to take a single art subject in my whole life, aside from those compulsory art classes I took back in primary school and up to Form 3. In form 4, I chose the science stream. So, I do not know what it takes to be a designer or a creative person. I might not even have this creativity thing. I do not have the creativity needed to have this job.

As a step to at least get a step more advanced compared to the other citizens of this country when I get back here to work, I would need to study somewhere more advanced, and 'absorb' their creativity and technology. These points lead to one targeted country: Japan - the country of Technology.

My mum does not want me to go that far from the family though, and she said Japan has this radioactive thing, so it's sort of dangerous. Japan, though. Japan. Wow. How I love this place.

So you see, for now I have no known place that I might be going to after this course. 

To stay in Malaysia, or to go to Singapore, or to Japan (If i can persuade my mum?)


Nicki Sim

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