These Friends tho

So. This is a post dedicated to the three girls who I have grown fond of in this Sunway College Hostel who also happens to study in the same course as I do. Our subject combination is sort of different, however.

Take Ryana for instance, we only get to meet during English lessons. Same goes for Filiah. as for Jia Ying, I get to meet her during Maths classes as well, but that's it. It's break time and night time after our studies that we would gather at the lobby to play Tetris Battle, study, eat and so on.

Today, we went to the night market together with some other friends and ended up at the hostel lobby about two hours later in front of our own laptops, trying not to get ranked down in Tetris Battle. The good thing about having all four of us playing this game though, it's like,

"aww thanks I RECEIVED EET"

Bad side to this? The energy supply is endless and we end up playing more than we should. How does a series of 2-minute games end up being played for more than 2 hours? I do wonder...

From left: Ryana, Jia Ying and Filiah

To Ryana:
you. You squirrel you. Or hamster. whatever, with a furry tail. Maybe it's because of your hair or something, but yeah. You are the 'momma' of our little group, and you're friggin fun to be with because of your reactions and facial expressions when you talk or think about that cute little crush of yours. Have I ever told you that I like the way you think because aww someone understands mai 18+ jokes and you can actually make something 18+ out of a normal conversation and that's sorta fun really.

When I first got to know you, my first impression of you was like, "Ugh not another Singaporean. Did she say her name was Rihanna? Like, that Umbrella song singer? Aww look at her size she's so cute and and and is she Malay?"

I think the first time I actually talked to you was when I found out that we had the same topic for our English report. You're much more awesome than I was for that presentation, and you still are awesome now and I know imma miss you and your Tumblr reaction gifs. a lot. Oh, and you have this prominent crying face when you get excited talking about something. 

Po tay toes.

To Jia Ying:
You remind me of my younger sister sometimes. Maybe it's because of the way you act or something, but there's just something that I can't quite place that is pretty similar to that sister of mine. One of the most prominent memory I shall have of you would be your messy hair. You're the random one in the group, that would suddenly blurt phrases that are just... incoherent perhaps. But then, you are nice to talk to and dayum, you da sporty one as well.

I don't think I noticed you much back in the first semester, with exception that you were the first girl in our course and intake to get into a relationship. Uh, yeah. I think that was one of my first impressions about you, aside from the fact that you are a messy person. Messy in an acceptable way, actually.

It's probably thanks to you that I get to know Ryana, Filiah and you really. Was it you that tried to talk to me the time we were sitting at the hostel lobby? That's when I began to talk to you guys more, am I right? One thing though, you seriously need to take care of yourself. 

Sleeping on the floor is comfortable but it's also bad for your bones, just so you know.

Last but not least, 
To Filiah:
Finally one girl from this group who's older than me. Ryana and Jia Ying are one year younger, although it never felt like it. You're the most sensible one in our group, or at least, the calmest when the other three of us are in 'CALM YOUR TITS YO' mode. What I know about you is that you like to sing and you love Miley Cyrus. And I know that you sleep early, which is good. I wish I can be like you sometimes.

You are a nice friend to have, and I did not expect that from you because you somehow seem so different from me. But then, you like writing and well, this one point is good enough for me to want to keep in touch with you. YOU ARE AWESOME, keep that up.

A small bit of jealousy here because of your high rank in Tetris Battle, however. How did you manage that. Just how. You have lotsa skills that I don't have, Tetris Battle aside. You have this communication skill that I don't quite have, and I look up to you for that as well.

What does the fox say, I wonder?

This friend thing. Friends.

I did not expect to make friends within this short course for my Pre-university studies, but I did and I would not regret although I know I would be really sad - watch out, I can cry a lot on graduation day, as I have done in primary school and the 3 secondary schools I went to - when I finally complete this exhausting program.

Imma miss you guys, and I would remember you guys even if we don't contact much anymore in the future. In return, I hope that you would remember that a turtle once entered the lives of you guys back in the time when you were all studying in Sunway College Johor Bahru.

Less than three, <3


Nicki Sim

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