To Teach and to Learn

If I were to suggest you an effective way of learning, it would be by teaching. If you do not understand something, you would find it hard to explain something to your friend. If you cannot explain, you do not understand.  

So when you teach, you improve your understanding and strengthen your principles while you are teaching. Your friends learn and you learn, it’s kind of a win-win situation really.

That’s what I found out during my two-month job as a tuition center teacher and when I was teaching my friends how to solve Maths questions on probability distribution, binomial distribution, normal distribution and binomial to normal approximation.

I was initially just as blur as my friends were about this chapter as the X and Z and Inverse Normal values are just that confusing to me. Having my friends to ask me how to solve a question, however, I learnt the ways to solve such problems and eventually, after about four days of teaching and learning this same topic, I was kind of confident about the topic test that I took today.

Too confident, in fact, to the point where I forgot to check for the probability values present that are more than 1. How and why did I forget to check my probability values’ logical answers.

There goes the 100% I hoped that I could get.

BUT YUKI. It's fahking ohkeii to make these mistakes because this is not the finals yet. Yuki, mai dear Yuki. promise me that you would get at least 88% for your Maths finals. And other subjects. Get that stupid Top Scorer status and make yourself proud of your efforts.

Then after the finals which is starting on the 28th of October and ending on the 6th of November you are free to play all the offline and online games and draw and read your novels and freaking become a lazy and fat blob of couch potato procrastinating all the day because you FREAKING CAN.

But finals first. Finals are your current priorities, Yuki. Keep that in mind for now, okay?

(I know, the temptation to procrastinate doing my Chemistry notes now is so powerful that I am literally ignoring the notes and instead resorted to blogging instead when I said I am on a hiatus).

It won't hurt though, I guess.

At least I stopped playing Tetris battle.

For now.
Ah well, either way, it's a Friday today and I shall do a small amount of procrastination because Fridays are just reserved for at least one hour of that.

It's not a proper Friday without a good nap and two hours of procrastination.

It IS possible that I might regret later somehow, but for now I do not care. (YOLO).

and i forgot to mention, in am really so very blessed to have Shah in my life. thanks for making my life a brighter place. no words can describe the gratitude that i have for you. you truly are a blessing indeed!! i love you!!

^ Quote above typed by a coursemate who happens to see me blogging. readers, you can ignore that.

Oh well, there's a briefing session for the finals at 4pm, I should just get ready for now.

Pen off for now, see you.

Nicki Sim

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