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My reaction when people praised mai haircut. Sort of. At first I was in denial of my new haircut because oh, there goes all the handsomeness I got. Back when I had longer hair, I was able to tie it up in weird ways and do tat gif. thing. But now it's sort of different what with the shorter hair and all. 

The picture sort of captions itself, "Damnit, I'm fabulous".

Well, just YESTERDAY (9th October 2013), my coursemates and I threw a birthday party for this dude in our class who I shall call... The Minion.

Just look at the participants of this birthday party OMO Picture taken AFTER event.
The Minion. Because he sounds like a minion and he acts like one. He knew that there would be something in for him after the classes, but he had no idea what it would be.

Brief summary of the birthday party: a chocolate cake, waterguns, 70 water balloons, and 2 buckets were involved.

Need I say more?

The Minion first got all of us singing a birthday song to him before he blew the candles and we (of course) pushed his face into the cake after taking off his spectacles and the candles. With this, the chasing and creaming and water splashing begins. He was brought to the field where the water balloons would not make things messy. Even then the cake-throwing was still going on really. I believe I had cake on my face around this time. So did many other people.

because, water balloon.
2 balloons per humans to throw at him. Both my balloons either missed or hit him and bounced off without 'exploding'.

When the balloons started to run out, the bucket in which we filled with water and the then-gone water balloons was splashed towards him as well, so he was soaking wet. 

Then, people started chasing each other with water balloons with buckets. Having him and I pretty much as close buds, I was one of the first female victims to be splashed with water from a bucket. No. not a small water balloon, but a bucket filled with water.

From left to right: me, our 'class monitor', and
The Minion aka the Birthday Dude.
Some of those unluckier ones got caught while they were running away realizing that they were in a potential threat and got splashed from head to toe. I don't know about others, but I didn't really mind being wet and dirty (please don't think of this in an 18+ way like my brain does) on occasions like this. 

To be honest, I love water and just having fun like how guys might have fun themselves. If this involves stomping around in mud, so be it. I don't mind getting dirty. That, I reckon, is what FUN is. 

Needless to say, The Minion himself enjoyed the surprise party as well. He brought spare clothes just in case, and well, let's just say the extra clothes sure came into use alright. He had to clean himself in the campus washroom afterwards.

How was he to drive home without ruining his car otherwise?

Gifts? Sure, sure, there were gifts too, mine being one of them. But hey, I'd say that the celebration itself is worth much more than the gifts.
The gifts were this froggy thing, a robot model
look. that's mai hand-made card. 8D

It's MEMORIES we are talking about.

One of the most epic days in Sunway College Johor Bahru with my buddies that I actually love so much.

What he said was, he thought it to be the best surprise ever too.

It's no surprise really. A minion would have fun with pranks and all, would he not? I'M SURE HE WOULD REMEMBER US ALL EVEN AFTER WE GO OUR OWN WAYS AFTER THIS FOUNDATION YEAR. 


*SNIFFS* about 11 months of knowing all my awesome mates. How can 11 months create all these friendships and bonds that cannot be exchanged for mere materials and money? 

My dear coursemates, if you happen to read this, before or after we graduate,

I will remember you just as I remember any of my other best buddies.


Nicki Sim

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