18th Birthday and In a Relationship

So yes, people celebrated my birthday, which is great although they celebrated it in advance. Let's just say that my birthday was celebrated on the 31st of October, then the 2nd of November and finally today, 3rd of November, my actual birth date which enables me to go to disney.com without my parents' permission. IT'S A BIG DEAL.

I would hereby like to thank my friends who celebrated my birthday for me. The starters, on Halloween's Day. Was totally shocked yo peepo. I was just sitting there trying to absorb all the chemistry details I can when suddenly

A. Cake.

and the happy birthday song begins and I was just sitting there not sure what was I to do while people sing me le birthday song.

Then the creaming begins as my hostel mates held whipped cream in their hands and smudged it all over my face. 

I shit you not, the cream went into one of my eye and I had to keep blinking to get it out. BUT WHAT'S FUN IS STILL FUN. And I shall not attach photos of me after being creamed because that looks kind of wrong (IYKWIM).

And then with the remaining cream the guys did some arm-wrestling and the loser gets one mouthful of the cream. AND HE HAS TO SWALLOW IT ALL. It tastes of milk, yes, but you know, it's kind of disgusting nevertheless. I got to wrestle with Jia Ying and pathetically lost to her as well. But no cream involved. That was part o the agreement before we agreed to wrestle. And well, I also got a birthday card AND a cat plush doll. Which is kind of epic too. I named it 'Pussy' for the heck of it and what with the group of friends I have that are dirty-minded, phrases like "Let's play with the Pussy" becomes real fun.
Jia Ying, le "Pussy" and I
So yes, that was the first day.

Second day, we went for the movie 'Insidious 2' and a book for my birthday present. We went to a nearby shopping center around noon. Previously in le morning let's just say I was watching le guys get stinky playing basketball.

Then yeah, we went there and I got to meet MY BEST FRIEND who shifted to another college early this year. 

Getting to meet her was real nice of course xDD

For you people who are here to get feeds about my relationship, he tried to hold me hand when he was driving me to the mall and I panicked and thus slapped at his hand. Cavan's his name. He's that minion I talked about in my earlier blog posts. 

That's me, Chloe and her sister and Ryan.
Uh... yeah. Things just happen.

And Chloe, le said best friend who happened to sit next to me in the cinema, saw us holding hands in the cinema. Let's not go all mushy about this. Instead, let's focus on the point where he was shocked pretty often while watching the movie and I was meanwhile just calm and laughing every once in a while. Trust me, when you hold someone's hand you can feel it when the said person is shocked. He friggin jumped.

And and and after the movie they bought me a novel because I love reading and it's title is Apartment 16, a horror novel. I left it at home because I won't be reading it so soon. Not because I don't want to read it, but because I'm currently reading another book. xD and actually if not mistaken le Minion chose to pay for the novel. Like, all RM45 of it. Dumbfuck. ==

Ah yes, so that was the second day. Le minion and I were discreet after the movie. No hand-holding or photos or anything because even Chloe who had just met me after a few months of not meeting had whisper-asked me before the movie began in the cinema like, "Umm... Are you and Cavan a couple now?" Ah yes I was bewildered at her question because OMG IS IT THAT OBVIOUS

That's the briefest summary I can make about 2nd November.

And of course, today. I went back home after the celebration yesterday and celebrated my REAL birthday with my family. I received a call from le Minion at midnight and he sang me le birthday song and also a hilarious picture that may blind the readers' eyes (so I ain't attaching it yo). And Chloe. Oh Chloe mai bayybee, she sent me a powerpoint slide that touched me deeply. It was filled with photos of us and things we did and oooohhhhh she said we'd be best friends till the very end. I love you, Chloe. =P

Then yeah. Another close bro of mine, Farid, called as well and wished me a happy birthday while he was on a bus on a journey home (or is it back to le hostel I cannot remember). And my best friend from Melaka sent me a text that she asked me to post here for some publicity so here it is, a message from my bestie that I call Clarissa or Bunny. or Chipmunk.

"Omg!!! I can't believe it's already passed midnight! Not yet basi right?? Ok, I'm gonna deliver it to you fresh  fresh... *cooking*~~*smelling and tasting*~~*smiling to myself for no apparent reason*~~*packing*~~*placing into rocket*~~*testing dramatic NASA rocket launching voice*~~*getting ready to launch*~~*launch beings in 5...4...3...2...1!!!!


Oops!! It exploded 0.o guess I pasang wrong wire.. hehe.. sooooooooo... this is getting awkward and embarrassing... I guess just a wish and a hug would suffice???

Hapy Birthday to Turtle-chan!!! May all ur "things I wanna do when I'm officially 18th checklist starts officially secara halal~~!! Good luck!!! And enjoy!! *hug*"

so yeah. that'z it. That's le message you sent me, bunny. I hope you're happy about the publicity and I did not break mai promise =P

Dokeii dokeii, Because I shared this link I think most people are tryna find their answers to their specific questions here. I shall answer all le questions with 3 words: "I don't know". so yes, don't ask about le relationship cause I have no idea how, when, where, why it started. The answer is simply "I don't know". Refer to the dialogue below if you want to kepoh. 

"him: Hhaha
So well if someone ask if are we together
What shall be the answer
The truth?
me:depends on if we're going to be an item or not lor~ xD
him: Your choice is??
me: idk, we seems to be getting closer, are we not?
him: Yes of course it is(:
me:xD then let's just have the answer be 'yes'
him: Erm... Hehe xD
Can i be more greedy and have a more detailed answer??
me: a more detailed answer~??? What would you mean by that~?
Making the 'yes' answer to be longer??
me: Hmmm, okay~!!
Yes, we are together and i think he's mai bf now? xD
him: Yesh!!
Tatoru yuki is mai gf now!!!
me: xD Seriously?!!
him: Of course its serious!!!
Yay xD

The End

One thing though, you know what my sister's first reaction is when she knew about this?

"Walao why so dumb couple the next day la then can get presents two days in a row" For anniversary and birthday, apparently.

I think my sister may be a little materialistic.

Let's just say I'm crossing my fingers that I did not make a wrong choice in this one and hopefully well, this would at least END WELL if it ever ends to start with. not like that crap I had earlier on two years ago.

*crosses fingers* I need all the luck I can! He's a Libra and I'm a Scorpio and these horoscopes ain't all that matching but hey if PewDiePie and his girlfriend CutiePieMarzia can make it (They are also Libra and Scorpio respectively) I hope we can too.

The Unlikely Couple
Back then we were preparing for the Maths paper
Nope. Other than the point that we are both humans, we have yet to find a point of similarity between us.

So yeah, fingers crossed, baybeh! Mentally also wondering if I should go to college tomorrow because for sure I'm gonna be made fun of or something. But then tomorrow's the last schooling day that I'll get to meet him because it's his last paper. 

We might meet next year if we both go to KL to study, but when and where, that would still be uncertain. But oh I'm really not the romance type of girl no I really am not and I probably will never be but OMG what if I need to be romantic in a relationship I hope I won't omg 

Well uh, I guess I'll update this blog about the relationship when it actually BEGINS or something, I guess. IDK bruh IDK 

Seriously. You guys stop poking your nose around in this and just wish for the best for us k?

Dayum I'm still paranoid and worried about this am I thinking too much omg

Ending this on a happier note, well uh, I ain't single anymore if that's a good news? and and and he seems to be nice? Umm yeah. *Feels the awkward to the max and hides back into my shell* What is this suddenness I ain't single anymore OMG

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