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My first 1000 views right here yo nigga this feeling is so awesome I just can't

Oh I wish I have brought my drawing tablet back home, it's been so long since I last drew using it but during the rush back home I forgot to pack it, thinking that I would be back in hostel the day after anyway. Turns out I'm only returning on Sunday.

Which is kind of sad because these are my last few days to just relax and simple enjoy my time being cooped up in my room inducing cancer or some other diseases from sitting in front of the laptop for too many hours in a row.

I'll be working soon, some when after the 15th of November. It's a job at a mall near to my aunt's place, where I'll most probably be staying. I have yet to know what I'll be doing there, except that the job will be related to building design. Not quite what I'm looking for since I have zero experience and knowledge about this but hey, might as well earn some experience and who knows if I'll be interested in this field afterwards?? I can't wait~!!

Ah, the soreness in my legs are finally gone. It's been some time since I last walked so much in one day, you see. I woke up the next day after the trip feeling the tiredness still within me. And guess what le Minion did the day after getting home from Singapore? He cleaned and polished his car. And it took about 4 to 5 hours. Can you imagine that?? And that car of his happens to be a ... Hilux. That's what I think it's called. 

Before: This is around 3pm.
I don't think I have to worry about cars as long as I have this dude with me I mean with all that car talk I think he actually knows something. He said his brother works as a mechanics or something. Something you gotta do with cars. 

To spend several hours washing a car like that though, plus the fact that he sweats so much whenever heat is present... I can just conclude that he loves his car a lot. Well if I'm a guy I might love cars that way too but I have not been taught about this and neither did my father tell me much about cars. All he did tell me about cars is like, "So you put the keys in here and turn it and the engine will start".

After: About 7pm
That's just about it. No kidding. So all i know about a car so far is the ignition, the 'signal', the honking, the windows, the radio. and the steering. I don't even know which pedal is the brake and which is the umm... what's the name of the other one?


But for now I'll just have to rely on my dad and le Minion himself to drive me around aye? I don't mind that much about this :3 So it's said that driving is kind of tiring . I guess I won't know till then!

Ah either way, here's a thank you to mai nii-san Farid who's been my first blog reader and has been stalking this blog ever since. If not for you I may not have reached the 1K views today. Thanks for all the support and remember that as my bro you're always free to complain to me and whine and nyan all you like. I will not judge you. :3

Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill. Reviews, anyone?
Oh. And here's the book that I received for my birthday. The cover looks so cool and so does the synopsis and being a horror story I can only cross my fingers that the storyline is epic. 

Ah there's so many things I want to do right now. I can choose to keep blogging, to go on 9gag once more, to draw, to read or to just lay in bed the whole day like a sloth.

MY STUDIES ARE DONE WITH FOR NOW. Oh My Gaaawwwwd. I am still so excited over this. And I'm actually wondering if I should tell my mum about this boyfriend of mine. I would love to tell her about it so that I have no need to lie to her and all, but she tends to over-react so I'm a little worried. Well, I guess she'll find out when she finds out. For now I'll just be happy to get to see le minion again soon. <3

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