A Mum's Lecturing

My days in SYCJB is almost over, with the graduation ceremony on the 29th of November. I'll be going back to the hostel next morning, and start to pack up my stuff to go back home. There's not much to pack really, if you put aside my clothes and the books I have there.

And the electronic devices maybe.

I'll just friggin throw everything inside le bags
During these days aside from packing stuff I would also be going out with my friends for le meals and play games on my laptop and of course, blogging.

I am currently still preparing a very very long post for my coursemates, to each and every one of them. I am not even sure if I would actually finish it within this week, but hey, I might not procrastinate THAT much. I hope.

What else is there? Hmmm. My parents now know about me dating le minion as well, and my mum is not exactly happy about it. She's not happy about me dating anyone before I go to work around the age of 23 or so, whenever it is that I get to work.

So she said that I might meet better guys who are capable of supporting the future family I might have - one with MONEY, of course, and it's only sensible if I get into a relationship where a guy loves me. I wonder if this implies that I have to find a guy that loves me and has money. == I do not quite agree with her views though, she has not been out in the society, so to speak, for quite some time now, and what is it that she knows about the changing times? Nothing much, I'm sad to say. 

She said that relationships would still hinder me in some ways, more so when I have not completed my studies - There's a degree program coming soon, and he would only drag me down. I should be with those successful ones, she said. For a better future. I'll put this under the materialistic category. Success is not measured only by studies, and she still doesn't seem to understand that.

What I imagine will happen when I cook
She is overprotective of me, and because of this, I am hardly ever independent. Put me at a bus stop and ask me to go home. I will not know which bus to look for or what to ask. Put me in a place where I have to cook for myself to survive. Can I cook? Well, I can burn your kitchen for you if you like. My communication skills are not good and neither are my social skills because I was not allowed to go out and mix with people. Even if my studies are somewhat on a higher average level, what good would I be if I have no LIVING SKILLS? Times have changed, I told her again and again. Sadly, she does not comprehend.

Whether or not the relationship with minion - who loves me very much and shows it - will last long, I can at the very least think of this relationship in a positive way and earn some experience as well.

All I can say is, I know myself well enough, I know the danger lurking outside that comes with relationships. I know the risks, and I can take care of myself well enough by preventing those bad stuff from happening in the first place. I know when to say 'No', when to comply, and what to do when I'm in danger.

At the very least, ...

I don't know. But I have told you about the relationship, mum, and I no longer have to hide or lie to you about this. I'm glad about this one point, I can say. Maybe soon you'll see that this relationship is doing good for both le Minion and I.

I'm not as stupid as to kill myself when bad things happen to a relationship or to run away from home. Don't worry. =) You taught me to be mature, did you not? Just give me a little space now, and let me live my life with no regrets. 

Your lectures mean well for me, I realize that. But I hope that one day you will try to listen and understand me as well. 

Nicki Sim

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