College Graduation

Let's start the post with some aggresive chicken-dancing
and me screaming at you
The day started with my mum half-shouting from the hall "GET UP YOU'RE GONNA BE LATE"

and I scrambled from the bed and took my phone to check the time and hola, it's 9am. And I need to reach the college by 1pm, so I pretty much got around 3 hours to myself even after showers and meals etc. People,  I introduce you the different clock systems in my family. Namely my mum's and mine.

What I wore was something that I would not wear on normal days. It's kinda like a dress-thing. Plus mum bugged me to use le lipstick since this is a special occasion and she wanted me to look mai best.

Managed to reach le college by 12.00++pm and registered at the foyer. Sent mai sister to the library so she can use the computers in peace, and I soon went to one of le classrooms (room 309 desu~!!) to wait for the briefing and meanwhile, try to finish the novel that I brought along with me (Failed).

Was lining up desu
Well. Friends. Classmates. The ones that tease you and makes you so embarrassed you want to dig a hole in the ground and hide. They apparently knew that I was going to be in the classroom already because they then let minion into le classroom and say stuff like "LOL FEW MONTHS CANNOT MEET D LEII GIVE YOU CHANCE TOGETHER-GETHER GO NAO". not word by word but that's just about what they meant. They then blocked the door so le minion couldn't get out. Not knowing what to do I just. well. Continue reading and ignore le minion who I think was trying to tell the others to not be stupid and just open the door.

Which they finally did after he sat behind me.

Not before commenting "Wrong row" though. Cause apparently as a bf and gf couple thing we're supposed to be together all the time and so he should be sitting next to me. But this is college it's different xDD

Within the next half an hour or so the class became more packed with students and photo-takings. so many photos. and so much noise, everyone talking to one another and so forth. I don't know what the guys talked about but it's mainly about the graduation speech and montage and some other blabbers I did not really catch. Meanwhile at the girls' side it's more like

From left: Cindy, me, Ryana, Jia Ying
*sees that close friend you have or have not met for some time*
*repeat sequence for the next few close friends*
*proceeds to take pictures and just chat*

Then there's the montage video which would not be played during the course representative speech so we watched it in the classroom. This time the video is divided into two parts, le Semester 1 part and le Semester 2 part. Those photos are all pretty much familiar but to see it put into a video is quite another thing. Those are memories, yo. Memories that would be kept for the years to come. Watching the video made me regret I didn't mix around with my coursemates that much back then though. It would have been nice to know them for a longer term. 

Instead, I only got to know them more by the second semester and for some, even like the last few weeks of the second semester. Which kind of sucks because I wouldn't really get to see them anymore, not much anyway. So yeah it sucks. But GLAD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU GUYS ANYWAY YO I'LL REMEMBER YOU GUYS (for as long as my short memory span allows me to).

And FINALLY we entered the hall and got seated and listened to speeches from the principal, the A-levels' representatives (NW IS SO CUUUTEEEEE), and then see le A-levels seniors go up le stage to get their certificates.

THEN THERE'S THE SPEECH FOR MUFY YAY delivered by Shah and Aishu (as I call them). They talked of our lecturers and how we helped each other during the whole course and just how glad they were to have been in MUFY at all although they were initially unsure about their decision. Aside from knowledge, they have also obtained friendships and valuable memories and what's more, there're some skills that you simply cannot obtain without going through college after all. to Shah who thanked me for teaching him Maths, you're welcome. And hopefully your Maths results would make both of us proud.

The speech was ended with a phrase about us MUFY-ians being united and thus, "One for all..."

*SHOUTS FROM LE MUFY GANG SITTING BEFORE LE STAGE* "ALL FOR ONE!!!" We are one big family, all of us MUFY-ians (so is it incest between le minion and I?).

Then it's to accepting the certificates. Which are all fake and
has to be exchanged for real ones outside the hall upon taking the photos. My mum and brother kept telling me stuff like "stand straight k, push your glasses upwards" and so on while I was waiting in line. Everyone was clapping for everyone and well, that feeling of accepting the certificate was actually kind of confusing because although the certificate says you have completed your studies there you haven't actually obtained your results for Semester 2 nor the overall results and the photos taken are only to be received 2 whole months later so you're like half-graduating to be exact.

While some of the students received the awards, some names were called out. As in, while a girl walks up to get her certificate some guys would call after her a guy's name. Presumably the guy who likes her or the guy that she likes. And most of the name-calling originated from the MUFY bunch. After the AUSMAT students accepted their certificates as well, it's on to the special awards stuff. Two awards: one for academic and one for overall achievement which includes the clubs and societies etc. Apparently my dad was notified about me getting the award by my English lecturer Ms Emmy, so he just stood by waiting while I looked at him astounded at why he was standing there for no apparent reason.

Outstanding academics award yo
Some words I caught while they were describing me though (short-term memory forgot most of the descriptions already) "May seem quiet" "avid reader" "likes to draw" "Aims to study arts and design in the future". That got mai heartbeat rate going up cause I was like "Woah I wonder who's gonna get this award. Avid reader though. Why are my classmates looking at me and chanting 'Turtle' over and over. wait. Drawing. Is that really for me. Did I - woah. WOAH. MUM DAD DID YOU SEE THAT I GOT THE AWARD WOAH WOAH WOAAAAHHH"

And of course when I went to take the certificate I could hear minion's name being called out as well. Either way I ain't even mad bruh cause my mission to get something back for my parents is completed. That's what they want - academic excellence - and in return I get to study the course of my choice after this. Arts and Design.

So what if you think my so-called knowledge and skills are wasted. As I've said before and will say again now, if I can score well in subjects I'm not interested in, imagine how well I can perform in a subject that I am passionate about. Given the chance to learn I might be able to be really good in what I'll be doing. 

No regrets studying Biology, however. Biology is probably the only Science subject that I actually have interests in.

Shah got the award too (Which I totally expected because he got an award back in Semester 1 as well)  and upon collecting this new certificate we had to take a photo with out family members and then just by ourselves. For promotional purposes, I reckon.

really small photo of le MUFY group
With all the certificate business done we went back to the foyer to take more photos. It's group photo this time, and while the AUSMAT students literally had to squeeze their way through the photoshoot - there were many people in that batch I wonder why - we mufians occupied only two rows. One for the guys, one for the girls. and the photo was done with. 

To be collected 2 months later.

Got a photo with mah favourite lecturer OMG yiss xD
More photos with the lecturers and friends while some of them ate at the courtyard as well (Saw le minion's mum and this time she looks much friendlier) (On a side note le minion also greeted moi mom who still commented stuff like "Boyfriends need to be manly and trusty. Whai your boyfriend like so childish immature like that one? He didn't even clap for you when you go up the stage take you certs I was observing kay am your mum afterall" Yep, that's mai mum).

Something astounding though. My English lecturer was suddenly like, "There seems to be some interesting details that you have omitted from telling me" while looking at le minion and I. So le lecturer knew. Through Facebook. Through Shah's Facebook, to be precise. And well, after I went back home le minion told me that quite a number of lecturers asked him about us being a couple.

News do spread fast I suppose, especially through the social media.

christmas pucca
NOT  a christmas present.
AND AND AND before I went back Aishu gave me this teddy bear thing which is really cute and Ryana gave me chocolates that she bought from Taiwan am touched k thanks you know i love you guys. And although it was embarrassing I managed to give minion le gift. that I bought in Genting Highland. mentioned in previous posts. 

I still think it's too girlish but it's cute and he said he likes it anyway so what the heck off you go Pucca kid you found yourself a new home go chase your dreams. And you're really cute k given any opportunities I'd hug you again because you're so fluffy that I'm gonna die.

Well, I should probably leave the rantings for another post. That's all for the graduation ceremony! Will update this post as soon as possible with photos, so check back the next day or something. 

MUFY, you're one awesome course with all its awesome students and lecturers. Imma miss all this.

Nicki Sim

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