Family Holiday Trip

4 days 3 nights - Le trip to KL and to Melaka with my family.

Went to KL to visit The One Academy and PJCAD under INTI college and we then went to Genting Highland to enjoy the cool weather and all before visiting Melaka to go to the A'Famosa Water Park and visit all the familiar places of our hometown.

Ah, TOA is like right next to the Sunway Lagoon place, where things are overpriced and ice-skating rinks are placed. It bothered my parents that the colleges here does not have hostels within the campus area like Sunway College in JB does. 

You see, TOA is basically located at the upstairs of a row of shoplots. But the syllabus seems to provide what I need to learn to bring out the potential I might have in me. PJCAD meanwhile is quite a huge building itself, and the facilities are just as good as in TOA. The course is shorter - 2.5 years, and does not include marketing which is kind of essential for designing courses.

It doesn't quite matter to me how the college looks like really, safety and studies are more of my priorities. If I have to stay in an apartment so be it, I'll still survive anyway.

A blurry shot from mai phone: PSY - Gentleman
Going to Genting, the outdoors theme park has been closed down for renovation and will be reopened in 2016, so I heard. Bought a gift for le minion while I was there, and I'm going to give it to him this Friday when I see him :3 What we did was mostly just walking around to see the performances and new stuff in the building. Ah yes the performance. That whole week in Genting, le performance was Korea-themed. 

So when we arrived at the place, 4 dudes and 4 babes were performing Korean dance choreography. And I shit you not they have awesome bootyz.

And when they all put their suit on to dance to this Gentleman song I just HHHNNNNGGGGG because I find people in suits irresistible. Come propose to me in formal attire and I would agree because that's how much I love formal attires. Necktie, blazer, stuff like that. 

Selfie-ing likaboss in Genting Highland LOL
Either way it's the very first time in my life that my family and I went to Genting Highland without playing in its theme park. We just went there for the photos, and for my mum, the casino. 

She said that she was on a winning streak until dad decided to pop by as well. In the end she lost about RM150, I think. I probably will never see the point of gambling or throwing your money into machines in hopes of getting that chance of getting the jackpot which is like, what, 1:987654321? 

I saw these canimals plush toys on sale there, and I really really wanted to get the minion one of that puppy thing at the front row, first from the right. But it cost RM50 and I did not have enough money AND the puppy one was out of stock already. I spent RM18 on a cup of Starbucks for the heck of it. So having that plush toy option unavailable, I then found something else that I can actually afford and looks very awesome and cute as well, so I bought that instead. Still crossing my fingers that the gift is not too girlish.

Derp photo of me with no specs
So that marks the end of our stay in KL. We then went to Melaka, where YAY WATER PARK

OMG there's this new thing called the big ice cream or something where you slide down in a four-seater thing, and it goes real fast because of the weight and then suddenly whoosh 90 degrees downwards and out of the blue it's like you're sitting on a pirate's ship thing, swaying from the left to the right (also about 90 degrees) and then the panic's over and you're on a normal slide once more. Look it up. And if you ever get to go to Melaka, go to this place called the A'Famosa Water Park and go have fun, people. 

Ah, we went around Melaka afterwards, window-shopping and all, before we head back home around 6pm.

There's little changes to things at home, except for the increase in amount of le lizards' sheet.

And it's back to work once more, researching stuff. But it's okay cause I'll receive my pay for this.

Nicki Sim

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